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A data breach can result in a very stressful and difficult time for any business; no organization wants to be faced with such a thing, and we don’t blame them! If affected by a breach you can wind up being at risk financially and your reputation can take a hit, which can be hard to overcome. While we are becoming more and more knowledgeable in relation to protecting ourselves from data breaches, they sadly do still occur and can take place out of nowhere with no warning.


Ongoing improvements to technology are without a doubt assisting in workplace efficiencies and competences, but at the same time they are unfortunately also helping hackers in their ability to locate and obtain confidential, private information.  This is becoming a regular reality, however, data breaches primarily stem from the physical loss or theft of devices and documents containing private details. If your business circulates and stores sensitive employee information or customer data, you have a legal obligation to report if and when it is known that information has been leaked.


Normally when data breaches take place they make major news, especially if they involve large corporations; today however, data breaches happen so frequently to companies of all sizes and industries that they don’t always get reported. In 2016, an estimated 36.6 million records were made public through some variation of breach.


The potential for data breach to take place at any given time isn’t all you should be worried about. Did you know that there are state laws that mandate the steps your business should take following a breach?

In the United States, each state (aside from Alabama, New Mexico & South Dakota) has strict laws in place with such requirements. What are they? Security Breach Notification Laws. The National Conference of State Legislatures has a compiled list of breach notification laws that can be viewed through their website. These laws also reveal how companies may inform victims of data breaches, as well as who is obligated to comply by them. Here are some key points in relation to breach notification laws in the US.


  • Breach notification laws in the US only relate to enumerated variations of data that are deemed quite confidential in nature (social security numbers, drivers’ license numbers, bank account numbers etc.).


  • Certain US legislations require notification for material breaches only. These are breaches that compromise the security or privacy of an individual.


  • The shortest time frame to inform victims of a data breach is 10 days. Failure to meet these time periods will typically result in severe penalties against the information-holding party.


  • Penalties for not notifying parties change slightly by state, and they may include fines or additional action against the party that fails to respond.


The first such law was announced in California in 2002, and came into effect in mid-2003. The laws established in most other states follow the same basic system of California’s law. The California bill can be reviewed here for more information. A list of the notification bills for alternative states can be found here.

Do your best to have document shredding services in place on a regular basis, and in turn you will do wonders in protecting yourself from the risk of a data breach. If you have secure document destruction in place, you are doing your part in staying compliant with privacy legislation.

Contact SAFESHRED for further details on our document shredding solutions. We are happy to assist you.

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It is a common occurrence for many business employees; travelling, whether for business purposes or pleasure, comes with certain responsibilities and important considerations. You need to ensure you have everything needed while you’re away which means packing properly and organizing all of your travel essentials so that nothing is forgotten. Whatever your next travel plan involves, surely you won’t be leaving your laptop, tablet, and cell phone at home while you’re away. Traveling on the road with electronic devices is extremely common practice today, but what may be overlooked is the need to protect the sensitive data stored on these devices, by keeping your electronics secure throughout your trip.

With the Christmas season behind us, many are taking their New Year business trips, or travelling with their children for a winter vacation.  The professionals at SAFESHRED want to provide you with some valuable tips to help prevent your information and devices from landing in the wrong hands.

Let’s review some great reminders while you’re away on travels:

  • Back-up all information prior to leaving:Before you pack your bags for a weekend business trip or a weeklong getaway, make it a priority to back up any data that is currently being stored on your device(s), and copy it to any media device that is staying at home. For example, you may want to back the information up on a storage card, cloud, or computer, if these gadgets will be staying at home.  Do your best to delete or transfer any personal confidential matters, like your social security number, passwords, credit card information etc. Think about storing this data in a safer location that provided more security. There’s no reason to keep this information stored on your portable devices.


  • Travel lightly when possible:If it’s not an essential electronic or device that’s needed with you, it’s best to leave it behind. Only take with you items and personal belongings that are crucial for your trip.


  • Make sure data is encrypted:We highly encourage you to check that your portable devices are encrypted. Why? Should you use public networks on the road, the risk of other users accessing your login details or emails, increase substantially if they in the nearby areas. Encrypting your data makes it unreadable and impracticable to those that aren’t equipped with the tools needed for unlocking.


  • Lock all electronic devices:While an obvious security precaution, it should be stressed that you lock your computer and mobile device when it’s not being used; especially while travelling. Do this on a regular basis to help prevent and stop unauthorized persons from accessing your computer’s hard drive and private business information.


  • Install anti-virus software on all devices: Viruses and hacking occur all of the time; the last thing you want to deal with is a virus while you’re away. To prevent this possibility, it’s best to install anti-virus software as well as perform regular updates on your personal computers so that all information remains secure without any worries.


  • Use password protection on all electronics:Portable devices are very common targets for criminals because they are small and typically effortless to sell. Reduce the chances of sensitive information reaching the wrong hands, and put password protection on all devices. This should be the case for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and more.  Improve your security by using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, as well as special characters. Forget about using easy-to-guess passwords like birthdays, pet names, or anniversaries. All phones should be secured with passcode locks and if an option, touch IDs as well. When used for business processes, devices that need corporate email or networks should have secure passwords and be managed successfully by the tools in your mobile device.


  • Delete any passwords saved on your devices:Login information that is saved for websites may seem suitable but these saved passwords can leave your private information at Signiant risk.  For your protection, we encourage you to get rid of this selection entirely.


  • Never leave devices unattended in a public location:Leaving your computer or cell phone in open view, increases the risk of having your property stolen. When able, keep all electronic devices in a covered purse, your pocket, or close to your body in general. If you misplace your phone or laptop or believe that it has been stolen, report this news right away to help ensure information isn’t compromised.


  • Connect to encrypted networks: if you’re using public networks for internet purposes, check that they are encrypted first and only choose websites that are “https”. It may also be wise to contact your service provider for a global data package, if you’re travelling internationally.


  • Find my iPhone/iPad/Mac: It is smart to enable your “Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac” feature on devices, as if something goes missing or is stolen unexpectedly, you can still locate your device.

    Call our team for more tips and details at 1-800-987-4733

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The majority of us are online on a daily basis – whether we are browsing, shopping, communicating or performing job duties, it’s important to be smart about it. What does this mean? While you may think of document shredding as being the biggest form of information protection, and it is a big one; online protection is just as vital in protecting your identity.

As specialists in protecting confidential information, SAFESHRED wants to remind our clients to be cautious with online activity, and in an effort to do so we suggest that you follow some basic measures to remain secure from fraud and theft.  Of course, the internet is an amazing and viable tool for us all. We use it daily for learning, research and communicating, and for paying those monthly bills. There’s no denying how helpful the internet can be for consumers and companies, but it is important to remember that there are some drawbacks and risks that come with it as well; cyber theft and fraud are the two biggies!

Keep these security tips in mind next time you’re browsing, shopping, or sharing information over the web.

online security

Safe and Secure Online Shopping

To stay secure online, you should implement certain procedures and habits and pay attention to detail. For instance, be sure to use strong passwords that are long, difficult-to-guess, and are a combination of both numbers and lower/upper case letters. When doing any shopping online, always verify that the retailer’s security certificate is present and that the website you are using is in fact 100% secure. If a computer lacks proper security software, it is far more vulnerable to threats such as viruses and other malicious software. If this takes place, any details that are shared or processed on that particular computer may be in trouble. Potential problems that may arise from this situation include theft of personally identifiable information, bank account information, and lastly credit card numbers. To protect yourself from these outcomes, always double check that there is an HTTPS lock symbol in your browser address window when making an online purchase.

Social Media Accounts

As social media platforms continue to take over the online world, this only adds more opportunities and outlets in which criminals can locate your profile and attempt to steal personal information. If you’re exploring on Facebook or browsing Instagram, never ever share information such as your social security number. While obvious, unfortunately, these things still happen and can lead to alarming consequences. You should also make a habit of changing your online passwords on a regular routine. While many do, we highly recommend that you keep details like your place of business, hometown, or birth date off of on any social media accounts.  Refrain from storing credit card information online and during any third-party app purchases. Review all friend requests because in many cases cyber criminals will act under fake profiles to connect with you in hopes to discover your personal information for fraudulent behavior.

Anti-Virus Security Measures

Investing in anti-virus software is always worth the purchase, and will protect you tremendously online! As with anything, researching your options prior to purchasing the first one you come across is a step that’s for your best interest. Paid protection is always is always more effective than free. Never skip over using antivirus software as it’s a very important for maintaining online safety.

Any individual or company that creates, stores, or shares confidential material, should highly consider turning to professional shredding services for total protection. This includes hard drive destruction, data destruction, and document shredding.

At SAFESHRED, we will assist you in shredding all of your old media securely. Whether you have hard drives laptops or backup tapes to dispose of, we’ll handle the process for you in a manner that protects your information and our environment. Our secure services guarantee that your business is protected from data exposure and that you stay compliant with key privacy legislation.

Contact us today for additional information. Call SAFESHRED at 1-800-987-4733.

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Fraud exists and in fact it is a growing concern that can occur in many variations, targeting every industry. Fraud can be executed in the form of theft, forgery, computer crime and other “white collar” crimes. If your Los Angeles organization is affected by such a crime, it can lead to significant consequences and unexpected liabilities. Read more from the info-graphic below.

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Have you noticed that your Los Angeles business is still being faced with significant paperwork pile-up? Whether it’s beginning to consume desks, overflow from cabinets, or is taking up considerable space at your printing station, this New Year, it may be the perfect time to revisit what you currently have in place for document management. Are you doing everything you can to ensure day-to-day productivity and efficiency levels are where they should be?

Effective document management solutions that include secure shredding and document storage, will work together to improve office productivity dramatically. This assistance will allow your business to accomplish new goals in 2017 with greater ease. Mess and clutter can create an instant distraction which will ultimately get in the way of your business focus. Below are a few simple tips for the New Year provided by the team at SAFESHRED. Make 2017 a safe and secure year!

document management

Increased Security

If your old business records are being stored internally and aren’t required on a regular basis, you may be leaving your sensitive information vulnerable. Records kept in desks and filing cabinets may be prone to potential loss, damage and in some cases, theft. With a disaster recovery plan or secure backup storage method, business information could be prone to these risks easier than you think. Data breach is just one consequence associated with these alarming risks. The good news? With a detailed and professional, document management program in place, your sensitive information remains secure without question. This sense of security will allow your business to better adhere to privacy regulations, guaranteeing full compliance.

Improved Office Efficiency

When effective document management solutions are executed, your employees no longer have to spend valuable working hours searching for specific records. Your documents can be converted into an electronic format where important files are in one centralized, easy to retrieve location. This convenience also allows you to share and receive data at a much faster rate. With the help of proper document management services, you will benefit from streamlining your day-to-day business duties, providing your employees with a greater flexibility to focus on more relevant tasks for your business. With added time available to your staff, you’ll quickly notice that your employees will work more effectively.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Remember that a quality document management program will provide you with that competitive edge in the marketplace you need to stay ahead. Document management reduces inefficiencies, stops security breaches and allows for easy file collaboration. Moreover, good document management is ideal for great customer service. When important documents are readily available and obtainable to customer service agents and sales professionals, time is used properly – keeping current clients satisfied and bringing in new clients.

Increase Your Bottom Line

With professional document management, you will reduce and even eliminate costly human errors, which are often the largest factors in the occurrence of a data breach. When you’re successful with your internal document management, you can redirect this newfound time and money back into your business. Your bottom line will improve, allowing you to take your business to new levels.

At SAFESHRED Los Angeles, we’ll help you in customizing an effective document management program that includes ongoing document shredding solutions, to ensure your sensitive information is thoroughly protected even after it has reached the end of its lifecycle. You can depend on our team to look after your records with special care; our industry leading shredding services guarantee your privacy and confidentiality.

Contact our team at 1-800-987-4733 for additional details.

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Recycling bins can be found in essentially every business here in Los Angeles, but it appears that in several situations, they are too often used for collecting material other than simply cans, bottles, and plastic items. What’s the biggies issue with placing old paperwork in your recycling bin?  While paper itself is not the culprit, documents that cover sensitive topics are another story.  As a Los Angeles organization, you probably circulate and store a significant amount of files on a day-to-day basis; the majority of it likely involves confidential details surrounding your customers, business plans, employees, or competitors. Throwing any records like these in your recycling bin is inviting in bad news.

For instance, you wouldn’t want any unfamiliar individuals or companies for that matter, learning your salary, marketing plans, budget, or customer list, correct?  Tossing files in the recycling bin that may reveal these details, is putting you at considerable risk of information theft. Identity thieves will rummage through trash bins and recycling bins in hopes to discover any juicy details they can use to obtain critical data; they’ll then of course use this information to conduct their criminal act. Due to the fact that it can be challenging deciding what information is deemed private and what isn’t, many Los Angeles organizations are doing away with paper recycling bins entirely and are replacing these with lockable, collection bins for secure paper storage.

Collection bins and containers are designed with paper-slots and locking mechanisms to guarantee document collection is safe and secure. This simple practice ensures there is no risk of lost/stolen information before it’s collected for secure destruction. Failing to dispose of your sensitive records or failing to dispose of them effectively, can quickly result in legal penalties such as data breach. Keep your reputation in good standing, and turn to NAID AAA Certified document shredding services provided by SAFESHRED.  Our team will provide you with on-site document shredding on your scheduled shred service date. SAFESHRED offers several choices when it comes to container size and style, and each of our bins and consoles are built with quality parts, and designed to last.

Be sure that your Los Angeles company is doing everything possible to maintain confidentiality of private information and legal compliance. At the end of the day, as a business owner you have a legal obligation to protect details pertaining to your customers and employees.

Consider Starting the Below for Your Los Angeles Organization:

  • Establish a work environment based on information security with a top-down dedication from management.
  • Start a ‘shred-all’ policy for the most effective means of document collection and destruction. Starting this simple process will reinforce to employees the need for secure disposal of documents. All paperwork is collected and stored in locked containers, which saves your employees from having to conclude what’s confidential and what’s not. This also eliminates the need for in-house shredders.
  • Carry out regular security audits to determine which areas in your day to day work routine need improvements to achieve greater security.
  • Hire a NAID Certified, professional document shredding company to handle your document destruction needs. At SAFESHRED, we are a reputable business with more than 20 years of experience in the information destruction industry.
  • In addition to paper destruction, shred your hard drives and electronic media as part of your office information destruction policy.
  • SAFESHRED provides tools to assist with compliance, such as policy and procedure templates and ongoing employee training.

Feel free to reach out to our team of professionals for further information surrounding our shredding services. Treat your sensitive records with care; our secure collection containers will keep your sensitive material secured at all times.

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document shredding

There are several components to information security, but a detailed document retention policy is a critical aspect that every Los Angeles business should have. Knowing which confidential documents to store and which ones to shred should be a concern at the forefront of every organization, especially during tax time when information theft is at its highest.

In fact, the IRS sent out an alert that personal data scams throughout the U.S. increased 400% during the first four months of 2016. How does it happen? Often criminals will make fake tax returns and send scam workplace e-mails posing as executives to obtain the tax-related information they can use for their gain.

To assist in keeping your confidential information secure, keep in mind the below guidelines as a general rule:

  • Information Audits: Audits are a great way to identify the types of documents your business produces, and allows you to have an inventory on hand as to exactly what you have stored, so you can manage and change it accordingly.
  • Tax Records and Storage: When it comes to data retention there are two parts to keep in mind: the duration documents will be of purpose to the company, and the period of time documents should be stored because of industry and government requirements. For instance, in the U.S. legally, payroll tax returns are to be kept for 4 years. Every organization regardless of its size and profession must research which laws are applicable to their business.
  • Regulatory Fines:While the law dictates that you should be storing some documents, you can also be penalized for keeping records for too long as well, which could lead to potential legal consequences and fines. As with the majority of privacy laws, The Data Protection Act compliance states that a record must be securely shred once the retention period has passed.
  • Emails:Sensitive records refer to paper documents, electronic files, and online correspondence like emails. As mentioned on, the Panama Papers leak exposed over 4.8 million emails (as well as 3 million database files and 2.1 million PDF’s). If emails aren’t part of a critical business or legal matter, and they aren’t being used for anything, ensure they are deleted within an appropriate time period.
  • Easy Retrieval:Index all documents for quick and easy retrieval.  Be sure to store all documents or electronic files in a locked area or in a password protected program. Access should be controlled appropriately so that only staff members that require details to perform their job properly have access. Storing information that’s no longer needed or relevant, only leads to an increase in security risks such as data breach; not only that, it will use up considerable space and cost you money in the long-run.
  • Secure Destruction: The only secure and proper way to dispose of paper or digital documents when they are no longer needed is through professional destruction services. Shredding is a legal obligation for many documents, and working with industry experts helps to eliminate risk. Partner with a reputable shredding company like SAFESHRED that practices industry leading shredding processes, including a secure chain of custody throughout the entire destruction. We provide our clients with a Certificate of Destruction following each shred job, which documents compliance for record keeping.

Contact the team at SAFESHRED in Los Angeles for additional information on our shredding services. We are happy to explain any details further. Call 1-800-987-4733.

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This Saturday, April 5th, Safeshred will be participating in the Volunteer Clean-Up Day hosted by the City of Commerce.   We are very excited to help the community with this spring clean-up event and take part in preventing identity theft.  Our mobile truck will be available to shred paper for Commerce residents from 8 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of City Hall.  E-waste drop-off will also be available thanks to EWC (E-Waste Center).

Dumpsters will be located throughout the neighborhood so residents can discard bulky items.

  • Brenda Villa Aquatic Center, 5550 Harbor Ave.
  • Cul de sac at Commerce Way north of Bartmus
  • Cul de sac at Bartmus & Fidelia
  • Intersection of Elkgrove & Jillson
  • Bristow Park 1466 McDonnel Ave.
  • Teen Center, 5107 Astor Ave.
  • Veterans Park, 6364 Zindell Ave.

Volunteer Clean Up Day Shred Event Flyer


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Generally speaking most people dread that day when it’s time to pay those hefty utility bills that show up each month. Once each bill is sorted out and paid, many of us simply toss away the paperwork in the recycling or trash bin, assuming there is no need to keep anything following payment. This is one of the biggest mistakes one could make, and sadly it is one that you may pay a big price for. Throwing away documents that contain sensitive information provides no protection to you because if any of it is accessed by the wrong person, it may provide enough details for identity theft to take place.

Each of these documents are full of personal details such as your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and of course your bank account numbers. If these papers find their way into the trash, they will be collected with the rest of your garbage and perhaps collected by someone else.

What’s deemed as trash to you, is an Identity thief’s treasure

So what’s the issue with throwing away your paid bills anyways? Surely no one will take the time and effort to go through your garbage in hopes of finding this information, right? Wrong. Don’t under estimate what identity thieves are capable of or what exposing even a tidbit of information can lead to. If a criminal is determined enough they will spend the necessary time to sift through your trash until they find the details they need. The information you thought was irrelevant can give an identity thief enough ammunition to sign up for new credit cards or even empty your bank account.

The alarming reality is that many of those credit card approval letters we often despise getting in the mail are tossed away and later obtained by dumpster divers. If this occurs it’s extremely easy for a criminal to respond to the letter, provide a new address and immediately receive credit under your name; the approval process is especially quick if you already have good credit. Once approval goes through, you can bet they will take full advantage of it, racking up thousands of dollars in debt that you may not notice for months down the road. Bottom line is that if you are carelessly throwing away financial documents rather than securely shredding them, you are providing your trash bins with a gold mine of juicy details a criminal would love to get their hands on!

Protect Yourself from the Risks of Identity Theft with These 3 Tips

  • Never dispose of documents that include a Social Security Number, driver’s license number, or bank account number into a public trash bin.
  • Always shred documents containing vital information, rather than crumpling paper up and tossing it into an open garbage or recycling bin.
  • Carefully shred all old credit and debit cards so that nothing is legible, and ensure you use a reliable and trustworthy shredding company to dispose of your confidential information.

When you allow SAFESHRED to look after your confidential documents, we’ll ensure all material is safely shred and disposed of so you or your company, customers, and employees are always protected.

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Is your company considering outsourcing its shredding needs? While weighing out the shredding methods available to you, it’s important to be aware that there are two common services offered by document destruction companies; on-site, mobile shredding and off-site or plant-based shredding. At SAFESHRED customers can take advantage of both options, however if you’re looking for all around fast, and convenient shredding for your business, our mobile shredding solution is an ideal service that offers just that!

Our mobile shred trucks will arrive on-site to your business where a SAFESHRED professional will proceed to shred your sensitive material before your eyes. Simply schedule a one-time pick-up service, or if beneficial to your document management program, request our on-going regular scheduled shredding option… Leave the rest to us!

How will our mobile shredding services contribute to better business practice? Here are some key benefits to keep in mind:

  • It’s Simple:  Why move piles of documents to an off-site location, when you can have the document destruction process occur right on your premises without having to leave! That means little distraction in your workday, and no inconvenient trips.
  • Secure Containers: Many mobile shredding companies will supply you with secure, lockable bins to store your confidential information in prior to destruction. Conveniently place these containers throughout your office wherever you see fits.
  • Certified Destruction: After shredding takes place, SAFESHRED will always provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that clearly indicates your documents have been shred in accordance with security and California privacy laws.
  • Unrecoverable: Our state-of-the-art mobile shred trucks incorporate industry leading equipment that makes it next to impossible for your confidential material to be recovered.
  • CostEffective: When you choose to shred with SAFESHRED, you get the best value for your money; what may take you hours to shred with an office shredder can be done in minutes with our mobile shredder.
  • Witness Shredding: We encourage employees to witness the shredding process from beginning to end, for additional peace of mind. Verify your information has been safely shred right from the parking lot of your office!

SAFESHRED offers unique document destruction services throughout Los Angeles that help protect your brand, company, and identity. We take your security seriously! Please contact us today to set up a regular scheduled shredding program at 1-800-987-4733.






















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