It can seem like a great idea to save you time and money. Picking up and using your typical office shredder in your home or workplace. Why bother paying to do this when you’re handling it all fine by yourself? The right papers are being shredded on time, shredded material is being recycled properly, and secure retention is being executed. You’re as safe as you can be, aren’t you?

If this is your approach to shredding, then you’re going to be in for a shock, as you’re far more vulnerable than you think. There are unforeseen expenses that will rack up over time, the actual shredding isn’t secure, and you’ll have a hard time proving proper compliance with privacy regulations. A professional shredder will take care of this for you, ensuring your peace of mind. Let’s have a look at each point first.

Unforeseen Expenses

While an office shredder may initially seem like the cheaper option, you are in fact getting exactly what you pay for. The motors in these machines are not up to the job of long-term shredding, and will often burn out, leaving you with a pricey paper weight. Should you choose to spend a little more the first time for a higher quality shredder, you may get more time out of it, but in the end, it’ll suffer the same fate.

That’s all just the shredder itself. This doesn’t take into effect the additional costs of making sure you have proper retention methods for storing papers. All costs ad up over time, and in the end you’ll be out more by going it alone.

Unsecured Shredding

So what exactly do we mean by “unsecured shredding”? What we are referring to here is the actual shred pattern itself. Most office shredders tend to shred papers into long, thin strips, which are easily reconstructed. Anybody with too much time on their hands and a degree of dedication could sift through the remains and rebuild each page, and then they have all the information you tried to destroy. The more expensive units can shred more securely but see back to our points on unforeseen expenses. Professional shredding reduces papers to fine confetti, making reconstruction completely impossible.

Privacy Compliance

Keeping up with all the privacy regulations you are under can be difficult, especially if you have an operation across multiple states. While you need to know this, a professional shredder can help you prove that you are staying in compliance. When you have shredded records with a professional, you will receive a certificate of destruction, an official document that proves you have completed your shredding.

When you don’t meet compliance, or can not prove it, you will be in some trouble. A lose of trust with your client base is only the start if you have clients. Fines may be leveled against you for violating your compliance requirements. Should a data breech occur, and you have been found out, or be unable to prove, your shredding efforts, you’ll be facing massive damage that may takes years to recover from. Assuming you can recover from the damage to begin with.

We’re Here To Help

If we’ve managed to convince you, or if you have some questions, get in touch with us. We’ll help you out with your needs and close as many vulnerabilities as possible.

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Using our shredding services comes with several advantages, not the least of which is how we’ve designed them to maximize security and convenience. Nothing says these have to be mutually exclusive, and we work hard to make sure you get to benefit from both.

Our Shredding Trucks

The advantage of shredding trucks is their ability to come to any location at any time. We’re able to reach all of our clients no matter where they are located in our service area. It also allows us to service any job no matter the size. Doing all shredding right on-site before your eyes allows you to view the whole process and provides you with great peace of mind that the job has been completed successfully and to your satisfaction. Certificates of Destruction are provided to you on the spot for your records, letting you verify you have met your shred needs.

The flexibility these offer also lets us provide you with the options to receive shredding once or on a schedule. This ensures that everyone can stay on top of their shredding needs no matter what they are. By doing so you won’t fall victim to any compliance fines for falling behind.

Shred Bins

When files are being retained, or you find yourself in between visits from the shred truck, you’ll have to keep your records secure. One solution is to keep them locked in a file cabinet or a safe, but this isn’t a great plan for files with a high turn-over rate. What is needed is something that is secure while being quick and easy. The solution to this is the afore mentioned shred bins.

These bins and desk consoles are simply containers with a lock and letter slot on them. This lets you dispose of them easily, reducing any loss in productivity, while keeping papers safe. The bins are placed in strategic locations around your business and office to make them easy to access. When the time for shredding has come, one of our uniformed staff members will come in, wheel the bins out to the waiting truck and commence with the shred action.

Ready to Shred

When it’s time for you to consider shred services, make sure you look for the mobile shredding option with shred bins. By maximizing security and convenience you can make sure your document disposal process is as secure and easy as it can be made. Getting service is as simple as reaching out to us and telling us your needs. We’ll help to determine what is best for your needs.


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Spring Cleaning Your Desk

On April 30th, 2019, posted in: SAFESHRED News by

We’ve come to that time once again, a time where we look to any messes that have accumulated over winter seasons and declare that they must go. Spring cleaning can be a hassle, but it’s also a relief once its been cleared away. While you’re in cleaning mode, it’s a good time to take a hard look at the growing clutter happening at your desk, be it at home or work.

So why might you want to do this anyways? Well it all comes down to staying on top of any secure information that may have ended up lost in the mess. It happens to all of us. Papers come in and get put to the side on top of one another, and then more come in and it happens again. Sometimes this happens right on the desk’s surface, other times it happens in a drawer as papers get pushed back into their depths.

If you’re vigilant about what is being kept then this probably isn’t a problem for you. However, for the rest of us who aren’t necessarily on top of it all the time, this is a chance to get caught up. Speaking of getting caught up, where do we even start this process?

Getting Caught Up

So depending on how bad the build up is will depend on how long it will take to get it all done. The only way to get caught up is just to dive in and do it. Doing it properly is just as important as doing it to begin with.

By this point you should probably know the types of things you need to be on the look out for in that mass of papers. If not, here’s a quick reminder of some of the items to be on the lookout for:

  • Financial information
  • Medical records
  • Bank & Credit card statements
  • Pages with names and address on them

In addition to cleaning up your desk, there are other areas where you may need to have a look at this spring. We won’t go over it all here as you can see our recent article on the subject, but some times we do not realize that an area could be a problem for this sort of thing.

If you need assistance with this sort of clean up, then our experts at SAFESHRED can assist you. Simply contact us and provide the details, and we’re more than happy to lend a hand.

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Information safety has a few common areas that are obvious when it comes to data breach risks. Improper disposal of hard drives and secure records carelessly thrown into the garbage are among the most common. Working with a certified secure shredding company like SAFESHRED can help you identify areas you may not have thought of beforehand.

Paper Records

The areas around printers are always a hot spot for papers. Very often you’ll get excess papers by mistake, or something went wrong during the print. These pages are of course disposed of, but sometimes left on the printer, in the nearest receptacle. You need to be aware that these papers still contain sensitive information and must still be disposed of properly, keeping secure shred bins near by is a good way to mitigate this problem.

This problem can also manifest at our very desks. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Papers and clutter taking over the desk happens to the best of us. What’s absolutely vital is to make sure none of those papers are a security risk. Just like with printers, keeping a desk side console for the excess is a great way of preventing this, or even using a lockable desk draw for those records needing retention.

Data Files

Keeping older computers around for parts or just as back up isn’t an uncommon practice, but it can lead to some security issues when they haven’t been cleared and secured properly. Any one could slip into a room with a USB and attempt to recover data from these machines. Like wise your server room could be at risk for similar problems if it’s not secure. Making sure the data is encrypted, disposed of properly, and keeping rooms securely locked is vital in our digital age.

On the topic of old USB’s, are you keeping track of all yours? These devices are easy to “misplace”, and if that’s how you’re transferring data around then you need to keep a close eye on them. Likewise, with old CD-ROMs, if you aren’t using them anymore then you need to have them properly destroyed so they don’t become a risk. Any data that might still be needed should be transferred to more modern and secure storage methods, and then the disks destroyed. The same goes for those old floppy disks, but hopefully you’ve handled those things long ago!

If you need assistance identifying areas of risk, or are ready to act on them already, reach out to us and tell us your needs. Our secure processes will help to reduce the risks of information theft from affecting you.

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Bringing Document Shredding To LA County

On February 27th, 2019, posted in: SAFESHRED News by

Businesses and residents of LA county can rest a bit easier about identity theft and information fraud when they partner with a secure shredding company like SAFESHRED. Our services are designed to ensure the maximum amount of security while being as convenient as we can make them. In addition to security and convenience, our services are tailored to help the sustainability effort and reduce our environmental impact.

Our Shred Services

Our services cover a range of options so you can always be choosing the right one for you. Onsite document shredding gives you the maximum level of convenience without sacrificing security by having a shred truck come to your location. Since all shredding is done onsite you’ll be able to watch the whole process, ensuring your own peace of mind. The trucks themselves hold an industrial grade shredder that reduces all material into a fine confetti that makes it impossible to reconstruct documents. All material is then taken to be recycled into new paper products.

If onsite services aren’t your thing, we have a modern shred facility where you can simply pop in and drop off what you need destroyed. This is great if you’re only looking for some quick one-time services to take care of your needs. While no job is to big or small for us, we ensure all our options are available to you. All shredding clients are provided a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the job. With this you will be able to prove that you’ve taken care of your secure shredding needs.

Why it Matters

Identity theft and information fraud remains on the rise sadly, and it is more important than ever to ensure you are doing what needs to be done to ensure your safety and the safety of your clients and employees. Becoming a victim is a hard thing to deal with as it can lead to years of hardship in trying to prove your information has been stolen and it’s not you doing something you shouldn’t be. In addition, the loss of trust with clients and customers can potentially lead to permanent damage to your name and brand.

Aside from the above risks, there are also compliance regulations you need to be adhering to. Failure to do so can result in fines being leveled against you. Make sure you are aware of what the state and federal level regulations are. If operating in multiple states you will find yourself under multiple state level regulations that you will need to adhere to, but if you are only in one state then there will be only that state’s regulations to understand and be made aware of.

How To Request it

Benefiting from our services is as easy as reaching out and contacting us and passing along what your needs are. We’ll work with you to determine what service is best if you’re unsure what you need. All residents and businesses in LA county shouldn’t be without a plan for their information protection needs, and we’re here to provide it to them.

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With the New Year under way it is a good time to review the compliance regulations and your procedures. It can be easy to slip into routine and fall behind on staying updated with anything that changes. In addition, the retention period of certain records may have come to an end, and it is important to stay on top of this or else face compliance fines.

State Law

There are state specific privacy laws, in addition to the national levels, which you must be aware of. Operating in only one state certainly makes it easy to be aware of, but for those who operate on a multi-state level will have to be aware of all of them and adhere to them fully. In short; the state of California requires businesses to protect their customers, and employees, private information. While this also sums up the national level, the following will touch on the state specific level.

  • California Senate Bill 1386: an agency, person or business that owns or licenses computerized personal information to disclose any breach of security. With the rise in cyber security and data theft, and the loss of trust in business, this is an extremely vital law to be compliant with.
  • California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003: COPPA is the California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003. This act was created for operators of commercial websites that collect confidential data of individuals who use their services. Because California is synonymous with Silicone Valley, lawmakers realized the huge need to protect Internet user information. Most of this data is stored on servers or computer hard drives. This act is another reason why it is extremely important to shred all your old hard drives, especially if you collect client information online.
  • “Shine the Light” Law: This Law applies to any business that hopes to share customer data with other companies. This data becomes the responsibility of any business who ‘owns’ it and requires them to properly store and dispose of this information.
  • The Privacy Act of 1974: The Privacy Act of 1974 was created specifically for any government institution in California that stores confidential information regarding any business or person. These records must be securely stored and when the time comes, shredded in compliance with this act.

For a complete list of links as well as some really good resources you should be aware of, check out our page specifically about all of these things. While there is a lot to be aware of, these things are vital in this age of information and data. Information theft is still on the rise sadly, and it is the responsibility of those who are handling sensitive information to make a difference.

One way that SAFESHRED helps out is by offering secure document shredding services for businesses and residents. When it comes to securely destroying paper documents, shredding really is the best way to do it. If you’re interested and/or would like to learn more, reach out to us and we’ll help you out.

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Out With the Old and in with the New

On December 14th, 2018, posted in: SAFESHRED News by

With that holiday spirit in the air and the arrival of the holidays produces the exchange of gifts and feasting on great food with family and friends will soon be here (maybe it already is for some of you). With gift exchanges we sometimes find ourselves being given a new version of an older belonging we might possess. A new phone to replace that aging, ancient 3 year old version, maybe you got a new drill;  perhaps it was a couch. Whatever it is, you’ll probably need to get rid of the old original item because of it. It is important to dispose of these things in the proper way.

Proper Disposal

It’s sadly true that most of us would just take some old stuff to the landfill to get rid of it. It’s usually the first option people think of, and why not, after all it seems the most obvious place to go. The collection of trash items is what these places are for after all. However not everything needs to end up there, in fact not everything should end up there. Piling everything up in landfills causes them to fill up extremely fast, necessitating the need for more to be open, which does not solve the under-laying issues.

Instead what we should do is seek proper disposal procedures of the various products as we need to dispose of them. By doing this we will ensure that everything that can be recycled into new products will end up being so. If there are security concerns with disposing of a product than those are easily taken care of in addition to the recycling. Certified businesses offering this service will also give you a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the job.

If what you are getting rid of is some type of electronic or digital storage device, then it is doubly important to seek proper disposal for these items. For full details on how and why you should do this, check out our article on the topic here.

By taking these steps you’ll not only be taking secure steps for yourself, but you will also be directly contributing to sustainability efforts by keeping the landfills from filling up causing more to be open, to preventing toxic chemicals leaking into the air, water, and soil. If all this sounds good to you then seek out an expert in this area.

SAFESHRED is one such Certified expert, and we are committed to offering secure and sustainable services for all manner of product destruction, paper shredding, and hard destruction needs. Reach out to us today with your needs, and we’ll work with you to find the best solutions.


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How to Dispose of Old Electronics

On November 28th, 2018, posted in: SAFESHRED News by

There’s no doubt at all that we all have electronics of some manner in our lives. They always come in all shapes and sizes, and have different functions to them. Some people these days still don’t have many, but the number of people with multiple devices that are intertwined into their everyday lives far outweighs those who do not. Inevitably we find ourselves at a point where one or more of those trusty electronics have met their time and will need to be replaced. However many people do not know the best way to dispose of these, especially when it comes to devices with hard drives storing personal files on them.

So how should we dispose of them?

Some Don’ts

Absolutely do not dispose of your electronics in the garbage. This is among the worst options you can take when disposing of electronics, second only to throwing them by the side of the road. Hopefully no explanation as to why you shouldn’t do that is needed. The main reasons for not simply using the garbage are 2 fold.

  1. It fills up the landfills with toxic materials
  2. It is not good sustainable practice

So what exactly do we mean by all of that? Well for one thing, the materials within electronics will leak toxic material as they break down due to exposure to the elements over time. This toxicity finds its way into the air, water, and soil. This of course eventually means it will find its way into our selves, be it through drinking water or the food we eat. By also taking up space in the landfills this will fill them up faster, forcing more to be opened, and further spreading the leakage of toxic material.

Ultimately the best option is to go through the proper procedure and use sustainable practices to ensure the above issues are reduced.

The Do’s

When it’s time, look for a service that specializes in electronic disposal. This could be as simple as you dropping off electronics to an electronic recycling location, or you could reach out directly to a company for service. By doing this you will be preventing the breakdown of materials that leads to toxic elements finding their way into the environment, and preventing the need to open new landfills as a result of electronics filling them up. In addition, a proper service will not only safely dispose of potentially harmful materials; they will recycle the materials back into raw forms to be used in brand new products.

If you are disposing of some manner of data storage, such as a hard drive, phone, or usb stick, then you need to get those items shredded before disposal. Unfortunately data theft is a very real problem in the world today, and a lot of it is caused by the careless disposal of data. By having the items shredded beforehand you will be assuring that any leftover data fragments will be impossible to recover. Afterwards the shredded material will be sent off for recycling with the rest of it.

Getting Proper Disposal

When it’s time for you to dispose of electronics or shred hard drives for that matter, the experts here at SAFESHRED will be able to help you out. Our services will ensure the proper disposal of your electronics, and support sustainability efforts. If you’re interested in a free quote, reach out to us and tell us your needs. We’re happy to work with you to find the best solution.


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There are a lot of people who even in this day and age tread on the careless side when it comes to their information security. A few misplaced documents here and there, too many details posted on social media, or allowing phone apps too much permission can all lead you towards an unfortunate time. While sometimes it seems like the information being given away, or in some cases discarded, is so small or so minor that it seems insignificant, it is often the case that a malevolent purpose can be found for it.

Imagine that you have a minor careless tendency with various documents you receive in the mail, be they regular letters, bills, tax returns, etc. Over time you end up throwing in the trash the odd letter here and there, or the odd envelop that has some kind of information about you on it. Your name, a phone number, address, even details about your health. A dedicated person could over time pick up and gather this information, until such a time where they have enough to pose as you, or to rack up bills in your name, or receive treatments from hospitals that gets logged into your records.

These will all eventually lead to problems for you down the road. Huge bills that will come due suddenly or receiving medical recommendations based in information that is not from you will shock and seriously harm you. These are also very hard to disconnect from you and years of hardships can lay ahead of you. In other words: take your information privacy seriously.

What You Can Do

One of the biggest and easiest paths you can take when it comes to protecting yourself from information theft is to shred all papers that may contain any kind of sensitive information. While it is tempting to go out and pick up a home office shredder in order to take care of business yourself, it is strongly advised you avoid these machines. While they initially seem like a good idea to save time and money, they can often end up costing you more of both. They neither have a shred pattern that is sufficient to prevent the reconstruction of shredded documents, nor the endurance to handle a large quantity of shredding over the long term. When they burn out you’ll end up with an expensive paper weight, and if documents are reconstructed you’ll end up with even bigger problems.

Your best course of action is to seek out professional document shredding services from a company like SAFESHRED. Our shredding services are certified to be in compliance with state and federal privacy regulations, and we offer the best in document destruction options. Either get shredding at home, off site, or enjoy a shred event to raise awareness in your community on the dangers of identity theft.

When it comes to records that must be kept for a period, it is important to store them properly. Many of us have a tendency to store these records poorly, either kept in a desk drawer or maybe in a folder in an old shoe box up on a shelf somewhere. The best option you can choose is to use a secure bin or console. These make a convenient and secure place to store sensitive records until they are ready for shredding. If for some reason these bins still aren’t what you’re looking for, you must at least choose some form of locking storage to prevent people from just taking records as they please.

All of this will help you to keep yourself safe from information theft. If you’re convinced about professional shredding, get in touch with us and we’ll come take care of your needs.

Call: 1-800-987-4733

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Advantages of On-Site Paper Shredding

On October 1st, 2018, posted in: SAFESHRED News by

Which shredding service is best when you need secure documents shredded? Did you weigh the various options and find yourself leaning towards a mobile option? If so then you are about to pick the most popular shredding option your shredding company of choice offers. If you need some convincing as to why it is so popular, then read on.

Watching the Entire Shred Process

People are rightfully careful with their files, and often times are uncomfortable with having to hand records over to an unknown person for shredding. It takes a lot of trust, and sometimes they will worry about what exactly has become of their files. For some that level of trust is a bit too much, and they will choose instead to hold on to files or try shredding records themselves. This can lead to an entire other host of problems.

When you choose an onsite shredding option, these issues get addressed. A mobile shred truck comes right to your location to carry out the shredding; everything is done right in front of you from start to finish. In addition to seeing your records being loaded into the truck, there is an internal camera installed so you can watch the papers being shredded on the external monitor. This has to be the best way to reassure our clients’ peace of mind, and gain their trust, which allows us to meet our commitments to fighting against information theft.

Easy To Get, Easy To Do

It probably doesn’t need to be spelled out, but having the option for a service to come to your location at a time of your choosing is extremely convenient. By not having to worry about locating your nearest shred facility, pack up, and haul old files out to it, you’ll save yourself time and effort. Minimal effort, maximum results is the best way to get rid of unwanted documents.

This service also makes it possible for us to offer scheduled shredding services for clients who need consistent shredding performed often. It’s impractical for an organization to handle the disposal of mass records regularly themselves but hauling them out to a facility can be challenging as well. Getting it taken care of for you offers the best combination of security and minimal interruption to your work flow.

Get Shredding

If you’re convinced about the benefits of on-site shredding, reach out to us and schedule a day and time for service.

Call: 1-800-987-4733


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