Over the last few years, research has determined that human error is a top cause of data breaches in workplaces across the globe.

data breach

What are some common mistakes in the workplace that result in a data breach?

Giving into a phishing scam:  This scam takes place when an employee receives an email from an unknown source who attempts to draw that individual into downloading malicious files or click a forbidden link.

Misplacing a laptop: Laptops are flooded with confidential information and studies reveal that in fact, they are the most commonly stolen electronic devices among every business and industry.

Privilege abuse: Theft of confidential data can occur if a staff member gains access to information they shouldn’t have access to. It can also take place if an employee continues to seek out unauthorized company information, even after that employee has left the organization. It’s imperative that passwords and log-in information are changed immediately upon staff leaving your business to prevent this.

Security error: In many situations, it comes down to ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘human error’ in relation to information security. Errors that result in sending sensitive information to the wrong individual would fall under this specific category.

Passwords: Many data breaches take place because of weak, stolen, or default passwords. Always make an effort to keep passwords protected and strong to avoid this.

Improper disposal of information: This goes without saying that secure storing and disposing of sensitive information is critical in guarding information against exposure. When employees lack the proper training on information security processes, they are left making the decision as to what is and what isn’t considered confidential; this can be risky business. 

How can your business stop these errors from happening?

There are many steps you can take towards protecting yourself from data breach; document shredding is just one example and should be applied alongside a shred-all policy for the most effective approach. Regular training is vital in ensuring your employees stay up-to-date and knowledgeable in information security tips.

SAFESHRED has supplied peace of mind to companies, residents, and government by providing the most versatile, secure and thorough document shredding solutions available. Stay free of a data breach by turning to our professional services. Contact us today at 1-800-987-4733!

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on-site paper shredding


If your Los Angeles business is looking for a shredding service that is secure, reliable and considerate of your needs, then you’re already on the right website! SAFESHRED offers some of the most secure in-house shredding services in the world. But did you know there are more options that we offer which can increase your businesses security even more?

Routine document shredding is one major step your business can take to avoid identity theft, breach of confidentiality and the ensuing legal work that comes with both of these occurrences. SAFESHRED looks to take this preventative action one step further by offering mobile shredding services.

SAFESHRED operates one of the most secure fleets in the country. We keep our trucks well maintained and up-to-date to avoid breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances as much as possible. This ensures your documents get destroyed in a timely and secure manner. Our trucks are also continuously tracked with GPS technology to ensure your documents go where they are supposed to. We handle on average 184 tons of paper per day!

This option is also perfect for businesses with hectic schedules; we come to you! We are able to maintain flexibility by providing your business with secure, designated collection bins that our certified drivers and operators will collect from. We will come to your location, gather the documents to be shredded and destroy them on-site. You can even watch if you are so inclined! After destruction the resulting paper fibers are transported in a highly secured truck to a designated paper mill where they are recycled. A Certificate of Destruction is handed to you upon the completion of the process.

If you’re still questioning the real benefit of using a mobile service in comparison to an in-house service, here are some reasons why we offer the option to our clients.

  • Typical in-house document shredders aren’t capable of destroying documents to the irreversible state that our trucks can. More industrial machines can get closer, but the costs involved in operating and maintaining these machines usually isn’t justifiable to most businesses.
  • SAFESHRED operates at a significantly higher pace than any in-house shredder can. Your 1-hour of in-house shredding could equal 1 minute for our trucks!
  • Our mobile services continue to meet or exceed NAID regulations, as well as federal legislative requirements.

Let’s summarize what you can gain from mobile shredding services; we come to you, collect documents, destroy them on-site, and take the resulting fibers to a paper mill for recycling purposes. The process is timely and your business doesn’t have to make dedicated trips to destroy documents. Our trucks can shred thousands of documents in just minutes. Our trucks are highly secured and only transport fibres; no document is left in-tact before we depart your workplace. Our drivers are certified and will provide a Certification of Destruction on-site, following the shredding process. Lastly, our staff will take care of everything when they arrive on the site, allowing you to focus on running your operations.

If on-site services sound right for your business, contact us today to discuss your unique destruction needs, and together we can discuss the options and provide the best solution for you and your business. Click here to see our coverage area.

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Implemented in 1996 and mandated as federal legislation, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) was established to prevent any fraudulent behavior, while also maintaining protection over the personal information of health care patients. In essence, this act states that all health care providers throughout the United States need to follow specific security processes to ensure confidential information remains safe and secure from unauthorized exposure.

HIPAA conditions dictate that patient details, whether from the past, present or future, need to be safeguarded at all times. Records pertain to private personal matters or include such information as patient history, notes, forms, and daily logs, must be properly cared for and protected while in the trusted hands of a healthcare institution or medical Centre. Information cannot be shared by law unless permission is provided by the patient to do so.


Who Must Consider the Implications of HIPAA?

HIPAA affects the healthcare industry as a whole. Any healthcare facility that provides health services to U.S citizens are legally required to have strict processes in place that contribute to safe and smart control over patient records. Should an audit take place at your medical office, following HIPAA guidelines communicates that the appropriate steps were taken to stop the risk of disclosed private matters. Without protective precautionary measures in place, it may be revealed that personal information has or is, being viewed by unauthorized individuals. As mentioned, HIPAA regulations are applicable to hospitals, medical centers, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists and any other industries that hold personal health information.

SAFESHRED Helps Clients Remain HIPAA Compliant

Any and all medical documents that no longer require keeping should be safely disposed of in lockable bins prior to secure shredding. This step alone dramatically reduces the risk of lost and stolen records, as there is no chance they will become misplaced. Any patient records that are left out in the open or stored in desks that lack security are in a risky position. Remember that you have a legal obligation to protect your patients. Do your best to ensure this is carried out, to save yourself from a headache and legal hassle down the road. SAFESHRED will supply you with secure collection bins or carts that you are free to place throughout your medical office where appropriate. The presence of these containers will provide a daily reminder to your employees, encouraging your staff to keep private matters out of garbage bins. We use our state-of-the-art shred equipment and technology, paired with our expert document destruction professionals to complete the job effectively. Our team is more than skilled to work with your healthcare facility to remain in compliance with shredding requirements under HIPAA.

When you partner with SAFESHRED you have the ability to view the entire document shredding process from beginning to end for extended peace of mind and reassurance.  Not only that, we will also present our clients with a Certificate of Destruction following every shred job, clearly indicating what, when and how, documents were securely shredded, for your records and future referral. Trust in our professional team to look after your document security management, with services that are 100% reliable and meet the highest industry standards.

For additional information about the specifics of HIPAA and our secure paper shredding services, please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to one of our representatives. We’ll also happily offer you any additional security tips for effective protection over patient information.

Call 1-800-987-4733 for additional information about our secure document shredding services.

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As the need to protect sensitive records continues to increase at a rapid case due to information theft, it’s simply necessary that you implement a regular document shredding program. If you’re considering outsourcing this job to a qualified shredding provider, we recommend that you do adequate research first, and only trust in a company who is reputable and carries appropriate industry, certification. For your protection, seek out a document shredding business that is NAID Certified.

naid certification

Why is this a crucial quality to look for?  A NAID Certification speaks volumes in the shredding world. Organizations that belong to this association are held to the highest of standards in the industry, when it comes to maintaining your full protection.

Partnering with a NAID Certified provider such as SAFESHRED is a great step in taking necessary measures required under regulatory guidelines, to protect confidential information about your customers or patients. A NAID Certified document destruction company essentially communicates that the business has experienced extensive training to understand all legal implications and regulations surrounding information destruction.

Why is it Wise to Partner with a NAID Certified shredding provider?

  • Professionals who are NAID Certified, are given random drug tests for your security and general safety
  • Detailed security policies are in writing and carried out as strict protocol
  • All shredding equipment is maintained on a regular basis, ensuring every aspect is operating and functioning properly at all times
  • Lockable collection bins provide protection from unauthorized access while documents are stored, as well as throughout the transportation of your sensitive documents.
  • Document shredding services adhere to a precise chain of custody, and a full audit trail is always available to our clients for peace of mind
  • Once a shred job is completed, we provide our clients with documentation indicating the shredding took place properly. This Certificate of Destruction outlines content has been destroyed in compliance with Los Angeles and federal legislation.

Our team of professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field, including what is required under NAID standards. Unlike some shredding companies, we will evaluate and consider your paper output, recommending a unique collection program that is customized to your specific needs.

SAFESHRED in Los Angeles is a highly experienced and of course, NAID AAA Certified document shredding provider that supplies customers with the highest level of secure, document shredding in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and throughout most of the Inland Empire / San Bernardino County areas.

Call us at 1-800-987-4733

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Sensitive business information is important to keep secure while in your hands and the following disposal. General awareness surrounding information theft and fraud is increasing, but acts of crime pertaining to both issues continue to occur throughout Los Angeles, and the rest of the United States. How can your business reduce the risks associated with these incidences?

First and foremost, it’s crucial that you keep your work environment as clutter-free and organized as possible. This will help to ensure day to day processes run smoothly, and that your staff is working in a productive manner without added distractions. Most notably, an orderly office assists your business in remaining compliant when it comes to the protection of private information. On the flip side, if your work environment looks like a bomb just went off, then you have some possible serious security risks at hand. In fact, an office that screams havoc could lend itself to a security breach, which is not ideal for any business.

How can you establish a work environment that keeps you safe from the threat of a data breach? There are many options your Los Angeles business can consider; primarily you’ll want to be certain all stored documents are secure from exposure, and that any records being disposed of are done professionally and safely. Partnering with an experienced document shredding provider to shred your old documents is by far the most reliable solution for guaranteed information security. What else can you do aside from document destruction?  Here are a few common security risks you should be familiar with, and appropriate solutions to prevent such occurrences.

clean office

Garbage Bins Situated Next to Printing Station

If your garbage bins are situated beside a printing station, you can bet that they will use for more than simply garbage disposal. Confidential documents that are mistakenly printed or left behind by error, will more than likely make their way into the garbage because of its convenient location. Unfortunately this “lazy toss” as it’s sometimes known as results in an immediate security threat because documents are left vulnerable in an unsecured bin. If the wrong person discovers private details, any of it could be used to carry out criminal activity, such as identity theft.

Solution:  Any paperwork containing sensitive matters but no longer requires keeping, should be placed in a lockable collection container before being emptied for secure destruction.  Using these containers guarantees that your documents remain secure and untouched prior to pick-up, keeping your business, employees, and clients protected.

Wrongful Use of Recycling Bins

As like garbage bins, recycling containers that are used for paper disposal will leave your Los Angeles organization susceptible to a data breach. Interestingly enough, many business owners are making the decision to remove office-sized recycling bins from their office entirely, in an effort to keep documents away from the recycling bin. Dumpster divers will rummage through recycling and garbage bins to locate the juicy content they can use to their advantage.

Solution: Keep documents separate from recyclables; paper documents should be destroyed thoroughly before recycling; therefore it’s recommended that organizations follow a shred-all policy to allow for a simple and easy their employees can follow without error.

Unrestricted Access to Collection Containers

The key(s) for your collection containers should be kept away in a secure area at all times. If a key is left out in open view, technically anyone within your office could gain access to this private information. While no one wants to believe that internal theft takes place, unfortunately, it can be a tempting scenario for curious, wandering eyes.

Solution: Store the key away in a secured storage room or cabinet, and only give access to certain staff members who you can trust, and are in an authoritative position in your company. For service and security, you can rely on, we recommend hiring a document destruction company such as SAFESHRED in Los Angeles who will provide your company with durable, lockable consoles to place throughout your office, in high traffic areas.  Our experienced and trained personnel, will then collect, remove, and securely shred all content through the use of our mobile shred truck, at a prearranged scheduled service date. Outsourcing your document shredding is the only method of document destruction that guarantees your Los Angeles organization will remain compliant and secure.

Don’t leave your business at risk when it’s easily preventable! Contact SAFESHRED, to speak to our team about the professional document shredding solutions we currently provide. You will quickly discover why so many businesses depend on our services to help save them time and money while enhancing their internal security measures.

Call us at 1-800-987-4733.

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Our One-time Purge Might be Perfect for You

If you’re noticing that clutter is beginning to pile up in your Los Angeles business and things are looking pretty unorganized, it may be time to consider the documents you have stored. Chances are you have several bins, cabinets, or folders of archived paperwork that’s no longer of relevance.  For your security (and sanity) it’s time to consider a purge clean-out!

What’s the best approach? Due to the fact that this is sensitive information you’re likely dealing with, the garbage won’t cut it. The most reliable method of document disposal is through professional, document destruction services; more specifically a one-time purge service.

Aside from regular ongoing shredding services, SAFESHRED If your business isn’t interested in regular ongoing shredding services, SAFESHRED provides this perfect solution for your Los Angeles business.

one-time purge shredding service

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Surprising Facts

Information security in the workplace is more important today than ever before and it includes more than simply cyber threats. The majority of office employees are still using thousands of sheets of paper each year, averaging to about 45 sheets of paper per day. Paper is not going away anytime soon, so it’s crucial that companies are doing everything possible to secure sensitive business documents.

What are you doing with old information when it’s no longer required?  Unfortunately, some companies think that performing shredding in-house through the use of a shredding machine is the most convenient approach. Assigning employees to “shred” documents during their work hours isn’t exactly productive, though, is it?

In-house document shredding not only lacks in security, it’s also significantly more costly than it is to outsource this task. While it may involve more hidden fees, they will cost your company more in the end.  Let’s take a look at some of the financial (and other costs) to your business, associated with in-house shredding:

paper shredding machine


Human Error: When in-house shredding is carried out, employees are left making the decision as to how confidential each piece of information might be and whether it requires shredding or no; the problem with that is there are any mistakes made, it could lead to costly breaches.

Alternative Option:  Hire an experienced document shredding provider that also supplies locked containers, for safe and secure storage of documents prior to disposal. Security trained professionals will collect and remove your documents for either on-site or off-site shredding.


In-effective: Office shredders are typically considered strip shredders; this means they are the least secure because strips can quickly and very easily, be reassembled. Shredding in-house is also substantial work, as paper needs to be fed into the shred machine by hand, and unlike with professional shredding, it is necessary that all staples and clips are removed first.

Alternative Option: Companies in Ponemon’s 2014 Security of Paper Records & Document Shredding study claims it’s far more efficient to hire an outside company to conduct the destruction process. A professional document destruction provider is equipped with the necessary crosscut shredding technology that ensures all paper is shred into confetti-sized pieces. At SAFESHRED, we offer different options for your shredding needs, so that shredding can be carried out according to your specific needs and industry requirements.


Internal Fraud: In-house shredding can increase your risk of internal fraud. The 2015 Insider Threat Report from Vormetrics revealed that globally, up to 89% of organizations believe they are vulnerable to internal/insider attacks.

Alternative Option:  A third-party shredding company offers a secure chain of custody and scheduled paper shredding options. Through the use of locked consoles and containers, once documents are placed inside, they cannot be retrieved until they are collected for destruction. Considering a “Shred-All” policy will also help substantially.


Non-compliance: Privacy legislation mandates document disposal with fines for non-compliance. Many companies that use in-house shredding, lack a proper verification process which can lead to several issues.

Alternative Option: A professional shredding partner such as SAFESHRED will supply your business with a Certificate of Destruction after every shred.  In fact, close to half of the respondents in Ponemon’s study outsourced their document destruction because it offered peace of mind that they were in compliance with privacy regulations. A Clean Desk Policy is another critical aspect of a document security plan to protect sensitive documents from landing into the wrong hands.


Call SAFESHRED today at 1-800-987-4733 to discuss your shredding requirements, with one of helpful and experienced shred specialists.

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identity theft

Maintain Your Security

Identity theft is a lawful crime that has continued to be on the rise over the years. According to news reports, identity theft grew from 2013-2014 by 13% and is on track to beat record breaking numbers in 2016.

Protecting you and your family from identity theft is a must in today’s society. If your family is hit by identity theft your credit may be left shattered and you will be unable to get loans or good interest rates which could limit your family’s lifestyle.

SAFESHRED has put together a few tips to keep in mind to help protect you and your family against identity theft:

  1. Get your sensitive documents professionally shredded. Any documents that have sensitive information on it such as your bank statements or records should be shredded immediately after viewing. Don’t leave the shredding of documents up to a home shredder. Often times, documents that go through a home paper shredder can be put back together by glue or tape. It’s always best to hire a document shredding service to ensure that your shredded papers end up non-traceable.
  1. Lock up sensitive documents that you want to keep. If you come across sensitive documents that you feel you need to keep, ensure they are locked up securely. Locking up documents such as your social security cards, birth certificates, and passports will help vastly in aiding against identity theft.
  1. Don’t fall prey to online scams. When surfing online, there are many non-secure websites that may be able to access important information on your computer. Ensure you are constantly staying up to date on all firewalls and security features on your computer to combat these threats.
  1. Ensure to check your credit. Using companies such as Equifax twice a year will help you keep an eye on your credit score. If you see anything suspicious going on then you might be able to catch it and deal with it before it hurts your credit even more.

By following these practices, you will help to eliminate some of the known causes of identity theft and hopefully you and your family will never have to go through it. For more information identity theft protections or on how we can assist you, call us at 1 (800) 987 4733.

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The Paper Shredding Machine

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Are you familiar with the history of shredding? Here is a brief summary of the history of paper shredding.

document shredding

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Shredded Documents

With the start of 2016, most of us will be writing out our New Year goals and resolutions. Sure, you may have your personal resolutions mapped out, but have you considered resolutions for your Los Angeles business?

If you’re still organizing and outlining business plans for 2016, we highly suggest that one those resolutions be implementing specific processes that contribute to securing your company from identity theft. Contrary to common belief, identity theft not only targets consumers, it also targets Los Angeles organizations as well. In fact, recent studies show that business identity theft is the latest threat to small companies throughout the U.S and here in Los Angeles as well.

Thieves can obtain your identity in many ways; they can discover extremely confidential information through computer security hacks, or by simply sorting through old trash and obtaining sensitive documents, like credit card bills, and/or statements.

When it comes to information theft of your Los Angeles business, a thief may seize an organization’s identity in an effort to acquire credit in that company’s name. After these credit accounts are sought out and approved, you can bet criminals will quickly carry out a shopping spree under your name! The damage incurred could be devastating to your Los Angeles company and it can stop you from obtaining credit down the road.

What can your Los Angeles business do to prevent identity theft in 2016?

  1. Put together a protection plan– Many companies will focus much of their energy on creating business plans that bring in new business; this is perfectly fine, but often because of this little to no attention is placed on developing an internal protection plan. Your Los Angeles business should be designing a thorough, step-by-step process to secure the identity of your company while also coming up with an appropriate action plan, should you become a victim of information theft.
  1. Keep all company records secure– Be certain that your company and customer records are secure and locked away in a safe area at all times.  Any records that no longer require storage should be professionally shred through secure destruction services. Never provide your company’s federal tax identification number, financials, or bank statements to anyone you don’t know, and lastly, you may want to look into using prepaid business credit cards for your employees instead of traditional credit cards; these cards allow you to set specific limits, and they can be deactivated in real time. If a prepaid credit card is stolen you can take immediate action and resolve the issue much faster.
  1. Secure online business information– One of the surefire ways to put your company on the line is by revealing confidential details like an employer identification number (EIN), account numbers, and financial data, through email or the web. If this information is necessary for a specific reason such as obtaining credit, be sure to confirm the site is 100% secure, and its security certificate is up-to-date.
  1. Monitor credit reports –One of the easiest ways to catch whether or not there’s a potential threat to your business, is through daily monitoring. Remember to keep a close eye on your company’s profiles with all major business credit bureaus. This is extremely easy to do; simply subscribe to their monitoring services, and you’ll be granted ongoing access to records at all times. For further security, you can set up alert notifications to notify you via email of any new/recent activity under your company’s credit.
  1. Forget about using “master” accounts– For security reasons you should do away with using any form of “master” account. While it may seem convenient, it also gives an employee or individual potential access to critical business information.

If you do fall victim to identity theft, visit the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs for details on reporting the crime, or simply call our knowledgeable team, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Contact us in Los Angeles at 1-800-987-4733

From everyone at SAFESHRED, we wish you all the best in 2016!


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