Debunking Document Shredding Myths

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Shredded PaperAs we enter the autumn season, it’s time to think about cleaning house by getting rid of your company’s unneeded documents and records. However, what many people don’t realize is just how important it is to properly destroy sensitive data. For nearly 20 years now, SafeSHRED has been providing Commerce businesses and residents with excellent document shredding and product destruction services. While we have a clear understanding how vital it is to have your private information destroyed by the professionals, there are others who aren’t convinced.

Here is a list that details why teaming up with document shredding specialists is the best way to go.

All You Need is an Office Shred Machine

The idea of having an in-house office shred machine is ideal. Sure, you will have shred technology at your fingers tips but that doesn’t mean it’s what you ultimately need. Office shred machines can be costly to purchase but after that there will be constant maintenance and repair fees. The costs to just maintain it will only go up. Typical office shred machines only take a few sheets at a time which means if you have stacks of documents to shred, you may end up spending more time destroying paperwork than focusing on your daily work tasks. In addition, having an office shred machine does not mean that you or anyone in your company will be following the strict privacy laws. If no record of what was shredded is kept, the best route to go is with a professional document shredding company. With SafeSHRED, our prices are affordable and fair; we can destroy hundreds of documents within minutes using our state-of-the-art shred technology, and our technicians follow all federal and state laws.

A Data Breach Won’t Happen to my Company

Over the last few year, all across the United States there have been many reports of data breaches into different companies. In fact, over 150 million records have been exposed in the U.S. this year. Even if your company is as big not a large corporation that is nation known, don’t think that a data breach couldn’t happen. Your valuable business and personal information is what a data hacker wants. Make sure that you have strong anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer systems and you are using long, complex passwords that are hard to crack. Also, when you team with SafeSHRED, we will provide you will lockable bins and consoles. These bins and consoles will keep your documents and records secure until we arrive at your location to shred them.

No One Will Look for Documents and Records in the Tras

While it’s common to just toss away whatever you want in the garbage, at your place of business this is a major risk to you and your employees. Just because you place your old documents, records and other information heavy material into the garbage doesn’t mean your data is safeguarded. The truth is identity thieves will dig through company garbage looking for sensitive information on any piece of business material. This is known as dumpster diving. The best way to avoid this is bringing in the professionals to completely destroy all of your data. Our shred technology cuts up your documents, hard drives and other material into small bits that cannot be retraced by unwanted sources.

In the end, don’t risk anything when it comes to the security of your confidential information. For more information on how we can assist your Commerce business, call us at 1 (800) 987 4733.

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10 Benefits of Document Shredding

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Paper recyclingShredding your documents is becoming exceedingly important because privacy laws are becoming more stringent. If you are still trying to decide whether or not your Los Angeles business needs document shredding consider the following benefits.

  1. Peace of MindDocument shredding provides company owners and customers with a great deal of peace of mind knowing that their information is properly destroyed and will never be compromised.
  2. Documents are Irrecoverable – When you use a trusted paper shredding service provider, you can be certain that every document is shred into tiny irrecoverable pieces. Those pieces are mixed together with all kinds of different documents from other businesses just like yours, making it impossible to recover any information.
  3. Compliance – If you properly shred all unwanted and outdated documents you will keep your business in compliance with federal and state privacy laws. If you are found to be negligent when handling your unwanted documents, fines could be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more!
  4. Reputation – Would you use your credit card at a place you know has had their data breached? Probably not. And your customers would feel the same about you if you had a data breach. Data breaches can completely ruin the reputation you have worked so hard to build, so protect that reputation with adequate document shredding.
  5. Cost Effective – Did you know that outsourcing your document shredding is actually more cost effective than shredding in house? An office paper shredder will break down quickly if it is used a lot and could turn into an unnecessary expense. With office shredders, employees tend to spend far too much time shredding rather than doing their assigned tasks.
  6. Environmentally Friendly – Our landfills are filled with millions of tons of paper every single year. By using document shredding services, you are ensuring that less paper takes up space and more of it is recycled.
  7. Builds Customer Trust – If you proudly announce that your business shreds all of your documents, your customers will appreciate that their safety is one of your top priorities.
  8. Efficient – Time is money and the less time your employees waste by shredding documents in house, the more time they will spend actually doing the job they were hired to do.
  9. Storage Containers – When you utilize SAFESHRED, we will provide you with storage containers for your documents and will pick up the contents when they are full. You will no longer have sensitive documents floating around the office or worry about them winding up in the regular trash or recycling bin.
  10. Ease of Use – By hiring a document shredding service such as SAFESHRED in Los Angeles, you will quickly discover how easy it is to destroy unwanted documents. There will be minimal distractions to the daily workflow and our service is as simple as picking up the phone or utilizing a regular scheduled service.

SAFESHRED offers complete document shredding services for the following areas:

  • Los Angeles
  • Long Beach
  • Burbank
  • Glendale
  • Anaheim
  • Santa Ana
  • Irvine
  • Huntington Beach
  • Garden Grove

For more information about our document shredding services please contact us today! Call 1-800-987-4733

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Back to School

Well it’s back to school again, a very exciting but busy time of year for everyone! (Including identity thieves). Child identity theft cases are on the rise here in Lost Angeles and the rest of the U.S, and enrolling in a new school year presents several opportunities for criminal activity to take place.

For starters, every new school year, parents are asked to fill out several documents in regards to their child’s personal information; whether it be registration forms, health forms, emergency contact forms etc.  Each of these forms requests confidential details which if exposed to the wrong person, could be dangerous. It’s crucial that your educational facility is taking the preventative measures to maintain protection over all student and faculty information. After all, if you intend to comply with the Data Protection Act, which is a legal obligation and not actually a choice, you must protect children, staff, parents and supplier’s information at all times.

At most schools here in Los Angeles, information security is taken seriously.  Generally personal files are kept in locked cabinets, with limited access to physical documents to assist in safeguarding all personal information, but what about old files that are just consuming space? What’s happening with old documents that are no longer needed?

Often the protection chain is broken at the disposal stage in the lifecycle of these files.  While school staff are becoming more and more diligent with protecting data being processed onsite, secure disposal must also be taken into consideration. In what method is your school currently disposing of old files?

Several schools turn to a recycling service for the disposal of old files, rather than hiring a professional paper shredding company that can provide solutions designed specifically for schools. Tossing documents in a recycling bin does not guarantee destruction, therefore leaves information vulnerable to the outside public. If it’s discovered that theft has taken place due to negligent document disposal, your data controller will be held liable and may face legal consequences.

So who should your Los Angeles school turn to? SAFESHRED has been supplying reliable paper shredding services to various industries, including schools since 1995. We’ll place quality, lockable collection containers in your faculty offices, so staff can conveniently place sensitive documents in an enclosed area until they have reached capacity. Once containers are full, our trained personnel will come to you to perform the shredding process, saving you the hassle of transporting information offsite.

Looking for new fundraising ideas? Consider holding a Community Shred Day event at your school in Los Angeles!  It’s the perfect opportunity to clean out those filing cabinets, while bringing the community together to support the battle against identity theft.  If your school would like to find out more about our Community Shred Day events, or if you’d simply like more details pertaining to paper shredding services we offer, please get in touch with us today.  Start the school year off the right way with smart and secure document disposal practices!

Call 1-800-987-4733

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Paper ShreddingsWhen it comes to disposing of old business documents, professional paper shredding services provide the only method of secure and reliable destruction. But what about non-paper items that are no longer needed?


Protect your brand and partner with SAFESHRED for your product destruction needs. Our eco-friendly product destruction process ensures your Long beach business meets government regulatory requirements, in addition to your own standards for inventory disposal. If you need something destroyed, let SAFESHRED take care of it for you!

SAFESHRED offersproduct destruction that guarantees security to your Long Beach company. We understand that secure destruction of unwanted inventory is important to your company’s reputation and product integrity. Whether you have old stock, outdated promotional materials or recalled product, our Product Destruction services are secure and complete.

SAFESHRED will destroy the following products for your Long Beach business:

  • Apparel and footwear
  • Recalled products
  • Discontinued products
  • Obsolete material
  • Manufacturing overruns
  • Security items
  • Counterfeit material
  • Off-spec items
  • Medical devices
  • Promotional material
  • Prototypes
  • Outdated packaging

SAFESHRED has several different state-of-the-art machines designed to handle all types of material including rigid metals, media and over-sized items. Just like our paper shredding process, your Long Beach business can witness material being shred in person or if preferred, we will happily send you a photo CD that showcases the process at no additional cost to you. For even greater convenience, you can view the destruction process through remote access to our camera system, via the web.

If you’re planning a move in the near future, or are simply looking to reorganize your Long Beach office, you may be interested in our product destruction solutions. It’s easy, and it’s safe. We can pick up your products, you may ship them to us, or you can stop by our facility in person to drop them off.

Feel free to tour our facility at anytime to learn more about our specific process; in fact, we encourage it!

Protecting your brand is critical, and the last thing we want to see is defected products or counterfeit goods damaging your reputation. Call 1-800-987-4733 for further information in regards to our product destruction services.

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Paper Shreddings

Your Glendale business generates a significant volume of information daily, and for most businesses it will only increase. In a time where information security is necessary in protecting lost or stolen data, it only makes sense that paper shredding is the easiest and most effective process that does just that; protects sensitive data from becoming exposed to the wrong person.

If your business isn’t already, it’s critical that you are securely managing, storing, and disposing of your documents on a regular basis.  Taking the proper steps towards safe document management will ensure your records remain protected. Ultimately, secure paper shredding will help to prevent your Glendale business from the potential of fraudulent behavior.

SAFESHRED offers secure paper shredding solutions that are professional and efficient for residents and businesses throughout the Glendale region. Remember that secure disposal of your business documents is not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of your customers and employees as well. After all, you have a legal obligation to protect them from unauthorized exposure.

Dumpster diving is an increasingly growing concern here in Glendale, and the rest of the U.S; discovering even the smallest piece of data can be enough to cause serious damage down the road. Tossing old contracts and receipts into your trash bin leaves your information vulnerable. The only safe method of document disposal is through secure onsite or offsite paper shredding services.

At SAFESHRED, Glendale businesses may take advantage of one-time or periodic scheduled paper shredding solutions. We supply both onsite and offsite paper shredding services

that can be modified to meet your unique needs. Turning to professionals will lower your costs, and provide assurance that your Glendale business is in hands you can trust.

SAFESHRED provides secure paper shredding to the following areas near Glendale:

  • Burbank, CA
  • South Pasadena, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Pasadena, CA
  • West Hollywood, CA
  • Altadena, CA
  • Alhambra, CA
  • San Marino, CA
  • San Gabriel, CA
  • Monterey Park, CA
  • East Los Angeles, CA
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • Commerce, CA
  • Huntington Park, CA

Advantages of Paper Shredding with SAFESHRED in Glendale

SAFESHRED will help you remain compliant with state and federal privacy laws. Remove unnecessary piles of paper that are consuming valuable office space and feel confident that in doing so, knowing they will be shred securely.

•    SAFESHRED is a proud member of NAID and certified by the National Association for Information Destruction.

•    Reliable services offered by skilled and security screened destruction specialists and equipment operators

•    Secure, lockable collection bins are supplied for safely storing all confidential paper in, prior to shredding.

•    Paper shredding that follows a consistent chain of custody from the time documents are picked-up, to the time it’s destroyed.

Onsite Paper Shredding Services

For businesses in Glendale that prefer immediate servicing, or would like to witness the document shredding process, they can request our onsite document shredding. With our mobile shredding services, simply place your sensitive documents in the provided collection bins, we and once a schedule is established, our team will arrive to your Glendale location to proceed with the shredding process.  Our industry leading shred trucks are highly secure, equipped with the industry leading equipment.

A document destruction specialist from SAFESHRED will shred all paper before you, allowing you to view the entire process if you wish. Following shredding, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction, which outlines all documents have been shred and in accordance with state privacy laws.

Offsite Paper Shredding Services

If your business could benefit from regular paper shredding, you may prefer to use our offsite paper shredding solution instead. This method is cost-effective and uses high quality shred machinery to quickly (and securely) destroy your confidential information. With offsite shredding, we place lockable collection bins throughout your office according to your convenience. Once at capacity, we will pick up your containers for servicing, and transfer them to our secure off-site shredding facility to look after the rest. Like our onsite shredding services, once a shred job is finished, SAFESHRED will present you with A Certificate of Destruction; documentation that indicates secure shredding did in fact take place.

Looking to speak to us directly? Call SAFESHRED today at 1-800-987-4733 to discuss your shredding requirements. Don’t just shred. SAFESHRED!

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Safe Shred Mobile Shredding TruckDo you have sensitive documents that require secure shredding? Worried about your privacy? Professional paper shredding services is the most effective and safest way to combat the risks of identity theft and fraud. At SAFESHRED, our Community Shred Day Events provide a simple and fun way to have your information shred directly before you!

Just over a month ago, SAFESHRED and The Maria Del Ray Sheriff’s Department partnered together, hosting what resulted in the most successful Shred Day Event we’ve had the pleasure of doing. It was a full day event, packed with the arrival of residents from all over the Los Angeles.

On April 26th, The Ladera Center parking lot was quite the hot spot in Los Angeles, and what a beautiful spring day it was for a Shred Day! From 8am-1pm, approximately 410 vehicles arrived throughout the event to do their part in combating identity theft!  The majority of the day operated much like your typical drive-through experience; quick and efficient. Some residents simply dropped off their sensitive documents, while others preferred to watch as our mobile shred truck destroyed their information. Our shred truck was hard at work throughout the entire day; in fact, we are pleased to share that 34,195lbs of paper was collected. That’s a whole lot of documents to shred!

The day really couldn’t have gone smoother. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming turnout, and couldn’t be more thankful to witness such support from our community.  Not only is it clear that Los Angeles residents see the value in secure paper shredding services, they are also willing to give back to local charities. All proceeds received were donated to the Special Olympics Campaign, Youth Explorer Program, Youth Athletic League, and various cancer charities.

SAFESHRED wants to send a huge thanks to everyone involved, including those who participated and of course The Maria Del Ray Sheriff’s Department for organizing the event and making it happen!

If you’d like to learn more about Community Shred Day events or are interested in arranging one in Los Angeles, please contact us for information at 1-800-987-4733, or click Organize a Shred Day Event! for further details. Together, we can help make our community a safer place to live!

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Shredded Paper and Filing CabnetAccording to the Better Business Bureau, the majority of identity theft cases still take place through traditional means, instead of electronic means.  What’s the best defense mechanism for protecting yourself from falling victim? Turning to secure and reliable paper shredding services. It’s critical for businesses in Los Angeles to implement strategies in their daily work routine that help to maintain the security of all sensitive documents.  Identity theft cases are on the rise, but the positive news is that with simple considerations this crime is entirely preventable. So where does paper shredding come into play? Your old and current business documents are flooded with private information surrounding employees, competition, customers, marketing plans and more. These papers require thorough shredding prior to disposal to ensure information is in fact irrecoverable. If tossed away in a garbage or recycling bin, you are ultimately putting your company at risk to unauthorized exposure. Currently using an office shredder to shred old documents?  Take it one step further by turning to professionals such as SAFESHRED,who will offer paper shredding services you can trust in. Consider ditching the office shredder for professional paper shredding services. Here’s why:

  • Security:SAFESHRED will provide you with collection containers that are lockable, ensuring documents are secured in one location, prior to the shredding process. These may be placed throughout your office in high-traffic areas where paper disposal is at its highest. When employees use your office shredder to destroy information, security is at a minimal as often papers are left lying on a desk or forgotten about entirely.
  • Uncertified Paper Shredding:  If your business experiences an audit, it may be discovered that your document management procedures fail to meet California privacy laws. Certified paper shredding can only be conducted by industry professionals like SAFESHRED.  Our team will present you with documented evidence that your information has been securely destroyed, and completed in accordance with regulations outlined under HIPAA, FACTA and more.  A Certificate of Destruction is written documentation that clearly indicates your business has followed the necessary steps needed for safeguarding information. Why not seek the best protection available to you, and outsource your paper shredding for credible certification? It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Cost: Unfortunately when you shred with an office paper shredder, you run into more costs than intended. These machines wear quickly and require maintenance, (not to mention employee time). When you consider all expenses involved in operating one, turning to a professional company will actually save you time and hassle in the end. SAFESHRED provides savings that are intangible; your staff can use their time more productively, completing the job duties they were hired to perform.
  • Employee Risk: Sure, you want to believe that your employees are 100% trustworthy, and in most cases they are. However, they do not receive the same background checks that employees of a shredding company receive. Employee fraud does exist, so tasking an employee to handle your document shredding needs could be a prospective liability for your business. SAFESHRED employees undergo a criminal record check and receive a comprehensive background check prior to hiring. Our team consists of skilled and qualified professionals who realize the importance of safe and secure shredding practices.

Remember that at the end of the day information surrounding your customers, clients and staff needs to remain protected. After all, they are willingly putting their personal information in your hands. The easiest and most reliable solution? Hire a trusted shredding company such as SAFESHRED in Los Angeles. Contact us today at 1-800-987-4733!

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Shred Day Event


A Shred Day Event is rewarding and fun! Help protect people in your community from identity theft and fraud by organizing an event where people can securely destroy and dispose of sensitive documents. Far too often people keep personal documents longer than needed, or worse toss these documents away in the trash bin. Why not help raise peace of mind while helping people clean out unneeded paperwork!?



Step 1: Determine the size of your event
The first step is deciding whether you prefer to organize a small shred event, or something much larger. This decision will likely stem from how comfortable you are, how many contacts you have in the area, and the amount of time/effort you’re willing to put forth for your shred day event. There is no right or wrong answer here, but if this is your first experience you may wish to start small to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Step 2: Recruit Volunteers
If you plan to organize a small shred event, three to four people may be enough in resources to assist with your event. For a substantial shred event you may wish to recruit closer to 10-15 helping hands. Whether it’s through Phone calls, Email, Facebook, or community bulletin boards in local shops, take advantage of the many communicative outlets available to you to request assistance. Generally friends and family will be more than happy to support you in any way possible, just be sure to give them plenty of notice in advance. Once you have recruited an appropriate team be sure to assign each individual with a particular role; this will maintain organization before, during, and after the event.

Step 3 Search for a reputable shredding company
Be sure that you select a paper shredding company like SAFESHRED that you can count on! A reputable business with positive reviews (whether online or word of mouth) will give you the peace of mind that you’re working with trustworthy professionals. Be sure that the company you choose can in fact provide on-site paper shredding services; this provides additional convenience and security for those participating. Don’t be afraid to ask whether or not a paper shredding company can donate towards your event, or provide you with a discount on services; this is especially the case if your company is organizing the shred day as it’s a great exposure. You may also wish to consider partnering with local banks, radio stations, schools, or grocery stores to assist in funding your shred day.

Step 4: Locating an ideal place to shred
Be sure to select an appropriate spot to hold your shredding event. Make sure it’s large enough to hold your expected crowd, and that it’s easily accessible for both your attendees and the paper shredding company. Keep in mind that there needs to be adequate space for a large mobile shred truck to maneuver through safely. Ideally, you should select a location that’s also recognized widely by your attendees, such as a municipal building, school, or community centre. It would be pretty disappointing preparing a shred day, only to discover that nobody can locate the event itself!

Step 5: Promote your event
Be sure to spread the word! Again, these efforts will be based on how large or small you’d like the event to be. If you’re concerned about turn-out and would like to attract a large crowd, consider calling and/or email local media — radio, TV, newspapers and internet. After all, you are hosting a very valuable service so be confident and have fun with it! Your attitude and enthusiasm will urge the media to help spread the word. Remember to ask your volunteers to help spread the word; post flyers in stores, libraries, laundry mats, and community centers are all perfect for this.

Step 6: Get Shredding!
The day has arrived and it’s time to carry out your shred event! Be sure to arrive at least an hour before the event to ensure everything is in place. Place signs around the given area so it’s easy for everyone to find. Arrive an hour before the event; use this time to post signs outside the building so everyone can find it. It’s a nice gesture to provide snacks, drinks, cutlery, paper plates and cups to those attending the event, including the employees of the paper shredding company. Keep the event organized and the line moving; be sure that you have assigned someone to take pictures that day. Other than that, leave it to your professional shredding company to handle the rest!

SAFESHRED in Los Angeles, California will happily partner with you to organize a shred event in your community! Contact us today for our current shred day promotions. Call 1-800-987-4733!

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Document Shredding Los AngelesIf your Los Angeles company is considering outsourcing its paper shredding, getting a Certificate of Destruction is an excellent step towards ensuring compliance. While shredding in-house is better than failing to shred at all, it simply does not provide the same security to your business, and could lead to legal liabilities. If you have done some research, you likely have come across the term COD or Certificate of Destruction, but are you aware of its significance and the role that it plays with regards to secure, document destruction? 

Identity theft cases only continue to increase, meaning that it’s more critical than ever to have a regular paper shredding schedule in place. In doing so, you’re taking preventative measures in protecting information surrounding your employees and customers. It is more important than ever for businesses to implement a secure, document destruction program to protect their employees and customers’ personal information.

The idea of passing over private documents to a shredding company may have you wondering whether or not it’s a secure process and we completely understand any hesitations you may have. After all, how can you be sure you’re dealing with trained and knowledgeable professionals? What if documents get lost or stolen during the process? Worse, how can you be sure your documents are in fact destroyed thoroughly? Not to worry, these are valid questions that you should be asking yourself when partnering with a document destruction company.

A reputable and trustworthy company such as SAFESHRED, will always provide you with documented proof which states your information has been destroyed safely and in compliance with California privacy laws. This Certificate of Destruction (COD) ultimately provides you with peace of mind in knowing that we have taken all necessary security precautions during the entire paper shredding process to protect your company. Unfortunately, some shredding companies will state that their services are secure, but in actuality if they are unable provide physical proof that confirms this. You are encouraged to go elsewhere for your shredding needs if this is the case.

A Certificate of Destruction supplies the following details:

  • Verifies your documents have been thoroughly destroyed with a complete audit trail
  • Clear statement of governing terms and conditions
  • Distinct work order number

Remember that regardless of whom you decide to hire for your paper shredding, it is recommended that you never shred with a company that doesn’t provide a Certificate of Destruction. This piece of documentation acts as a point of reference and liability, should any problems arise.

At SAFESHRED we take the protection of our clients very seriously, and we place your safety above all else. Contact us today for more information on our secure paper shredding services, or for more details regarding our Certificate of Destruction. Call 1-800-987-4733

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Have a Safe and Easy Tax Season

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Paper Shredding Los AngelesApril 15th is fast approaching and you know what that means – tax day! If your business is like most in Los Angeles, you’ve probably been preparing for tax season for awhile. Unfortunately, most identity thieves have been preparing for tax season as well. This is the perfect time of the year for dumpster diving to take place because thieves know how easy it is to misplace and throw out confidential information. After all, you and probably every other company in Los Angeles is buried under mountains of files. It is incredibly easy to lose something or mismanage a document, which ultimately puts your business, employees and customers at risk.

How do you protect your business during this tax season? Read to learn more:


5 Solutions for a Safe and Easy Tax Season

Turn to Paper ShreddingPaper shredding can be extremely beneficial during tax season because it allows you to become more organized and eliminates unnecessary documents in a safe manner. If you have been thinking of implementing a paper shredding strategy then tax season is the perfect time to start!

Be Prepared – Being prepared for your taxes will save you countless hours and save you a lot of headaches and money. Being prepared starts at the beginning of the year – not a month or two before tax day. It may seem tedious but once you’re in the habit, organizing your files will come naturally.

Use the IRS Website – The IRS website is an amazing resource that is designed to make tax season even easier. Gone are the days of having files mailed to your home or office. You can easily find the files you need, print them off and fill them out. Regardless of what taxes you have to do, the IRS website can provide everything you need:

Stay Organized – We talked about being organized all year but you need to stay organized while you are doing your taxes as well. The best way to maintain organization through this process is by carefully filling out each form one by one. Taking this approach will eliminate the chance of making a mistake or missing a step along the way.

Mistakes Happen – Speaking of mistakes, they do happen and the IRS is reasonable if you make an effort to correct the error. In fact, mistakes are so common that they provide a “help” section on their website and have a telephone number at which they can be reached for such occurrences. If you come across a folder with receipts or bills that you forgot to include after everything has been sent, simply visit their website and find a local office:

Remember, paper shredding is one of the best solutions for staying and keeping business documents organized. Turn to us this tax season and for future shredding needs, for all your document destruction needs.  SAFESHRED is here to help! Contact our Los Angeles location today to learn more!

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