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It’s that time of year again to collect donations.  Chiming into your generous spirit is always a good idea and SAFESHRED would be more than happy to help you keep your identity safe during the holidays.   In addition to canned goods, we will also accept non-perishable food items, and cash donations.  Bring 5 items, and we will shred 5 file storage size boxes (35 lbs) free of charge.

All you need to do is swing by anytime between 7:30am and 3:30pm during the weekday.  Our drop-off paper shredding service is also open 7:30am to 12:00 noon on Saturdays.  Last day to participate is Tuesday, December 10th, 2013.

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Medical offices contain a significant amount of confidential information such as financial documents, employee records, and of course patient medical records. While any business should have a secure shredding program in place, with HIPAA regulations and fines on the rise, it’s of even greater importance for the Healthcare industry.

With the amount of documents that circulate through a hospital, it’s no wonder errors can occur easily. Even a minor mistake made by one employee can result in exposure of patient data. Patient records generally include enough personal information for a criminal to take over one’s identity. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been established specifically for preventing instances such as this, providing protection for patients and hospitals under the act. According to HIPAA, healthcare companies must implement extreme measures to guarantee patient medicals records are protected at all times. Failure to do so could result in government fines, or even lawsuits by the affected victims. Neither situations are pleasant to experience for either party involved; therefore, it’s vital your office follows all privacy policies and regulations as outlined in HIPAA.

Start with these simple steps to ensure HIPAA compliance:

1) Training: Providing training sessions for your employees is essential in educating your staff on day to day healthcare practices, compliant with HIPAA. Any employee who uses or shares protected health details, needs to be aware of security policies in place by your hospital. Consider refresher courses for current staff to reiterate the importance of remaining HIPAA compliant. Without proper training, your staff may not be held accountable should a privacy breach occur. Be pro-active, and ensure your staff understands all policies.

2) Computers and computerized equipment: If your hospital is in the midst of upgrading its computer equipment, it’s imperative you take the necessary steps to guarantee patient information is protected. Whether you plan to trade or recycle your computer parts, private details pertaining to your patients such as their contact information and medical background, could be accessible if not securely destroyed. In the same sense, your current computers are full of patient data, and therefore proper security measures should be implemented to protect these files. Firewalls, email filters, and data leak prevention are all important precautionary steps in protecting your patients.

3) Public Locations: While this preventive act is not as obvious, it’s important to refrain from conversing about patients in any public area; this includes waiting rooms, hallways or elevators. Confidential information could otherwise be spread to visitors or other patients unknowingly. This policy should also refer to physical records; all patient files should be securely stored and inaccessible in public areas.

4) Follow phone protocols: A medical office needs to have detailed guidelines in terms of what information is allowed to be given over the phone. Specific individuals such as health insurance reps and family will likely have the authority to be informed of patient details; however any other caller should be given very basic details over the phone to ensure HIPAA policies are obeyed.

5) Use HIPAA compliant Shredding Consoles: Most offices have different bins for a variety of material being collected. There should be containers specifically for the collection of confidential documents. Any paper containing private patient, employee, or hospital details has to be secured in a lockable shred bin, until a shredding provider safely destroys these papers. Simply tossing these in the trash bin puts your hospital at significant legal risk.

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Shredding documents is a practice most companies have incorporated into their everyday business routine. With the regulations in place established by HIPAA, proper disposal of sensitive data is vital in protecting your company and customers. The risks involved in tossing confidential material in the trash range from exposing employee information, private documents to competitors, or worse; the occurrence of identity theft.

So who’s looking after your shredding?

Often smaller companies turn to their staff to handle the task, with the use of an in-house portable shredder. Usually this method is decided upon because it’s viewed as an easier and more cost effective option; however when all things are considered, the opposite is true.

Before you settle with a do-it-yourself approach, it’s important to consider the following disadvantages that come with it:

• The task of shredding paper is not only tedious, it’s time consuming. Plus there is the task of staple removal because most portable shredders can’t process them. Hours spent shredding, means hours of lost employee productivity that could be focused on core business priorities.

• Portable shredding devices are often noisy causing a disruptive work environment; it can be difficult to focus on day to day tasks with the distraction of a shredding machine running. Such noise generally results in lowered work efficiency among staff.

• There is no guarantee that sensitive information will in fact be destroyed by the staff member in charge. It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks, and this includes mistakenly tossing away or recycling confidential papers, that should in fact be shredded.

On the flip side, consider the advantages that a Document Destruction provider can offer:

• A shredding company can provide the same service in a fraction of the time it takes to do in-house. A mobile shredding truck or off-site shredding company can handle staples, elastics or paper clips. Suddenly, internal resources are freed up and can focus solely on their job roles, contributing to the overall success of the company

• No need to organize old documents into filing boxes, or monotonously feed paper through a machine. Shred bins are provided for convenient paper disposal, where all content remains safe until it reaches capacity and requires emptying. At this point a shredding specialist will look after everything for you.

• Security risks are significantly reduced, as the process is handled by highly trained professionals only. Furthermore, following shredding, a document destruction company will provide proof of shredding with a certification of secure destruction

When you factor in the time and costs that are associated with shredding in-house, it’s much more beneficial to you financially, to outsource your shredding requirements.

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If you have an old printer or monitor kicking around your office, you are not alone. End-of-life electronics is the fastest growing form of waste, and accounts for about 5% of our total trash volume. In this day and age, there are electronic devices emerging constantly that provoke us to purchase the latest and greatest replacement gadget. Whether it is a cell phone, computer, or monitor, we live in a society where a perfectly good computer will be brushed aside if there is a new, sleek edition available.

In plenty of situations, businesses begin stock piling monitors, keyboards, old telephones in a spare room that quickly turns into a storage area. In most cases, these devices are never put into use again, but are stored for circumstances where “you might need to access that file.” Sure, it’s an easy way to justify keeping your old computer, but more than likely it comes down to not knowing what to do with the parts.

Identity theft is an increasing concern, and therefore there is often resistance when it comes to letting go of these items, should anyone discover a way to tap into confidential information. One hard drive alone contains thousands of files; deleting a specific file from your computer does not rid of the content all together. These “deleted” files actually stay on the drive, along with any other online activity such as email communication. One may think overwriting or reformatting is enough to erase material, but even this may not prevent confidential data from being obtained by the wrong person. The only safe and secure option that eliminates the risk of identity theft is hard drive and media destruction. If these devices are put into the trash without being properly destroyed, this could potentially leak sensitive information, putting your company in a liable position.

Unfortunately these misconceptions alone, are often enough to deter one from disposing of their electronic material. As a general rule, roughly 90% of electronic components are in fact reusable and recyclable. The key aspect to keep in mind however, is removing all hard drives for the purpose of destruction, prior to recycling. So why is it important for your company to incorporate these recycling practices?

It Protects the Environment
For starters, it’s the right thing to do for our environment. When these devices are not disposed of correctly, there are toxins leaked into our soil and ground water. This contamination also infects our air quality, which ultimately affects human health conditions. When you take action to prevent this from happening, your business is reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to positive change.

It Boosts Your Company Image
Green companies are companies that are well respected in the community. Incorporating an electronic waste program into your place of work, promotes excellent association for your brand, and is clear evidence you are a company who cares about the state of our environment. Furthermore, considering community involvement in your program can be utilized as an excellent marketing tool. Its great exposure for your company and your green efforts may very well attract new clients for you that are also environmentally conscious.

It’s Convenient
Most standard recycling and shredding companies will also accept electronic material with collection, at no extra fee. Why not free up space in your office? This is a quick and easy solution for a more organized and clean working environment. That closet that once had stacks of keyboards and monitors can now be used for essential office supplies.

Recycling electronics is easy, and it genuinely goes a long way. If each company takes the initiative to dispose of their gadgets responsibly, together we can make a significant impact on our environment, setting a great example for generations to come.

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There’s lots of different ways to become environmentally friendly in the office, such as turning off lights in rooms when not in use, increasing the air conditioner temperature by a degree or two, and having multi-stream recycling stations in lunch rooms. For us, dealing with paper is our business but we’ve turned that into an environmental positive by ensuring that 100% of the paper we collect and shred is recycled. Each year we shred roughly 134 million pounds of paper; that can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill and 7,000 gallons of water.

Last year alone our customers helped us save:

  • 201,347 cubic yards of landfill
  • 1,140,969 trees
  • 469,810,796 gallons of water
  • 25,504,014 gallons of oil
  • 268,463,312 kwh of energy
  • 1,812,127 pounds of air pollutants

That’s a lot of trees our customers saved last year without even thinking about it! We love to hear about innovative ways that businesses are integrating green initiatives into the office so if you have an idea or something you’ve done in your office tell us about it! Every couple of weeks we’ll put a spotlight on simple and easy things that anybody can implement in their office in an effort to help make doing business a greener initiative.

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If you’ve found your way here, you know by now that we offer a variety of services related to document shredding, product destruction, media destruction, waste paper recycling, and e-waste services but what does that all really mean for you and your business at the end of the day?

Each of our services provide value to your business. The most obvious one you think of when it comes to shredding paper is the confidentiality of information and compliance with state and federal legislation. However, have you ever thought what it would mean to your business if confidentiality and compliance didn’t matter? Where would all that paper go? Recycling bins, the office garbage, stuffed in drawers and filing cabinets; it could get messy pretty quickly. We help you implement a plan to ensure that the paper in your office is not only securely and confidentially destroyed but that all of it ends up being recycled. This adds an environmental effort that your business can promote as one of its green initiatives.

When you think of e-waste does it make you think of the old electronics you’ve hidden away in a storage closet at home or at the office? If you were to get rid of those old electronics, your first thought might be to just throw it in the dumpster, ultimately ending up in the city landfill. Despite the fact these electronics may no longer work they still have valuable materials inside of them that can be recycled. So once again the added value in this is that it’s helping to divert electronic waste from landfills but also freeing up valuable space in your office environment.

The other element to consider is time. Do you have the time to stand there and manually shred all of your company documents or go through and pull out the recyclable elements of that old computer? Probably not. Our one-stop solution frees up your time to do the important things for your business. And odds are if you are running a business whether its service based or product based, you’re in the same business as us; offering a solution to provide someone more time to work on the things that are important to them. For us shredding and recycling are important, so let us focus on that while you focus on your business.

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It’s that time of the year again to start fresh (plus it’s the end of tax season). Businesses and residents feel an itch to clean, organize, and get rid of old things that are taking up space. Dated invoices, tax documents, and receipts are just a few things you stash away safely to get dispose securely later.  Businesses have even more files that need to be destroyed properly to be compliant so we’ve decided to give our neighbors an extra push to get things done quickly and securely. 3 things you can take advantage of this month.

Spring Clean Document Shredding Promotion- Free On-Site Paper Shredding   Spring Clean Document Shredding Promotion - 1st Month of Ongoing Document Shredding Free

  1. Spring Clean Event  – Free Paper Shredding  Shred Day
    • Commerce Residents only.
    • Saturday, April 20, 2013  – 9am-2pm
    • Veterans Park, 6364 Zindell Ave., Commerce, CA 90040
    • You can also bring E-Waste  (TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, Computer Monitors) courtesy of eWaste Center.
    • Other accepted items include green waste, furniture, washer/dryers and more…
  2. Spring Clean Document Shredding Promotion – 1st Month of Ongoing Document Shredding Free
    • Commerce Businesses only
    • Sign-up by April 30th, 2013
    • Lockable security bins provided and serviced  weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  3. Tax Season Promotion –  1st Month of Ongoing Shredding Free
    • Welcome to businesses in Los Angeles.
    • Sign up by April 15th, 2013.
    • Lockable security bins provided and serviced  weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees


We are starting one of our largest document shredding projects ever!  SAFESHRED will be shredding away 350,000 boxes over the course of a 3-4 months.  That’s about 6500 tons of paper (13 million pounds)!  So according to EPA calculations we can save…

  • 110,500 mature trees
  • 2,470,000 gallons of oil
  • 21,450 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 26,000,000 kilowatts of energy (sustains 3250 American homes for a year)
  • 45,500,000 gallons of water (sustains 415 American homes for a year)

We are very excited to see this project through and looking at these numbers makes us proud about what we can do to help keep our earth green.

Want to learn more about some great recycling facts?   http://www.recycling-revolution.com/recycling-facts.html

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Shredding is an easy, straight-forward, and low cost method for destroying information.

  • It reduces records storage and handling costs.
  • It reduces environmental
  • It reduces waste in our landfills

Shredding is Easy – Hire a Certified Company

  • Using a shredding service you save employees time. They can focus on their jobs instead of the growing pile of shredding. The problem is even more acute when professionals waste their time doing the work of a clerk. Having a secure bin and routine service
  • You can’t get any safer and greener with a AAA certified company like SAFESHRED. If it is off-site shredding or mobile shredding at your location, everything is handled professionally with top security measures in place.

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If you are a home owner or own a business/organization then you are at risk for having your private information compromised. You need to be aware of who wants your information and understand why document destruction and paper shredding is recommended. Who Wants Your Information?

  • Criminals who commit crimes like identity theft, credit card fraud, and check fraud.
  • Competitors seeking to gain trade secrets like customer lists, marketing plans, and financial information.
  • Investigators who seek to sensationalize, expose, and humiliate organizations.
  • Disgruntled employees who seek to destroy the foundations of the businesses success.

How You Can Protect Your Organization Shredding documents and destroying electronic media effectively removes the myriad of information from being accessed by the wrong people. Shredding Documents is the Law The number of laws requiring businesses to protect personal information has exploded since the introduction of the Federal Privacy Act in 1974. The 1988 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in California vs Greenwood that affirmed the right to “dumpster dive”. was a catalyst to the proliferation of laws which made it a necessity for every individual and business to shred their paper. HIPAA and FACTA have further defined the need to shred documents. The federal laws along with a score of state ones require all private information from employees and customers to be destroyed prior to disposal.

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