Disneyland Hotel and Resort, Anaheim – 3/30/2012-4/1/2012

Our newest employee, Amy Miyamoto, was ecstatic about attending her first ever National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) conference. She came back smiling ear to ear and loaded with an industry’s worth of information. Keynote presentations and seminars we attended include:

  • The Importance of Good Software by Andrews Software
  • Ultra Networking 2.0
  • Sales Workshop with Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Guerilla Public Relations for Secure Destruction Companies by Susan Ratliff
  • Objections Overruled: The Launch of the NAID Marketing Program for Legal Offices
  • Social Intelligence: Current Best Practices in the Effective Social Media by Secure Destruction Services by Jeff Green, AccuShred
  • You are the Logo by Tom Adams
  • NAID TONIGHT with host Ray Barry
  • Maximize Your Collection Efficiencies by ALL Source Security Container
  • The Electronic Cowboy: How to Separate Your Company from the Herd in B2B Electronic Recycling with panelists Joe Harford, Dag Adamson, Andrew Portare

Favorite Highlights:

  • We knew Jeffrey Gitomer and Tom Adams would deliver, and they definitely exceeded our expectations! Jeff is a world-renowned speaker and author who brought a fresh perspective to ways we could all be doing business in our industry.
  • We found some very surprising points with the focus group video presented to us during the Launch of the NAID Marketing Program for Legal Offices. Stay tuned to this space to read more about marketing and the latest best practices in future blogs.
  • We got in touch with many old friends and made lots of new ones!  We are looking forward to seeing them again at next year’s conference in Nashville.

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One of the things we pride ourselves in at SAFESHRED is finding sustainable solutions for our product destruction service. We don’t just focus on processing materials; we proactively look for new ways to keep destroyed products from going to landfills.

Earlier this year, First Step Fitness contacted us with a very interesting challenge.   They needed 1,000 lbs. of shredded clothing to fill muay thai bags for their new fitness classes.  Their initial attempt to shred 500 lbs. of clothing with scissors took up too much time, and ended up causing sore hands – so they came to us for a solution.  The timing was impeccable, since another client needed to have 500 lbs. of apparel shredded as well. By recycling materials for use in a different operation, we were able to keep those items from going to the landfill. We love finding creative ways to recycle discarded products!

Thank you First Step Fitness for being a part of our green efforts!


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