If you are a home owner or own a business/organization then you are at risk for having your private information compromised. You need to be aware of who wants your information and understand why document destruction and paper shredding is recommended. Who Wants Your Information?

  • Criminals who commit crimes like identity theft, credit card fraud, and check fraud.
  • Competitors seeking to gain trade secrets like customer lists, marketing plans, and financial information.
  • Investigators who seek to sensationalize, expose, and humiliate organizations.
  • Disgruntled employees who seek to destroy the foundations of the businesses success.

How You Can Protect Your Organization Shredding documents and destroying electronic media effectively removes the myriad of information from being accessed by the wrong people. Shredding Documents is the Law The number of laws requiring businesses to protect personal information has exploded since the introduction of the Federal Privacy Act in 1974. The 1988 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in California vs Greenwood that affirmed the right to “dumpster dive”. was a catalyst to the proliferation of laws which made it a necessity for every individual and business to shred their paper. HIPAA and FACTA have further defined the need to shred documents. The federal laws along with a score of state ones require all private information from employees and customers to be destroyed prior to disposal.

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Hard Drive Destruction, Data Destruction, Media Destruction, Destroy Hard Drives


Now that your business has a paper shredding program in place to destroy confidential documents and private information, you’re wondering what you should be doing about the private information that still sits on your old computer hard drive.

There are three popular ways to destroy information on hard drives that we’ll tell you about in this post.

• Software erasure

There are a number of software programs available that claim to follow Federal Compliance regulations. There are those programs that are free and some that are available for a cost.A downfall to using such programs however is that it can take a significant amount of time to use this method. Erasing a 40 GB hard drive alone could take up to three hours of your company’s valuable time.

•  Degaussing

Degaussing is the process of sticking a very strong magnet next to the hard drive so it no longer holds any data. It eliminates all the time it takes to erase the drive but a tool to perform the degaussing is cost prohibitive for the average office.

•  Physical Hard Drive Destruction

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “Destruction of media is the ultimate form of sanitization.” The only way to absolutely and forever ensure data is no longer available is to have it shredded. Software erasure and degaussing won’t completely guarantee you have destroyed the data as well as drilling or smashing. While using the drill and smash method will make the hard drive inoperable, the data could still be accessed by someone with the right forensic skills to delve into your private information.

When you are looking for a solution to destroying your hard drives, having a professional company such as SAFESHRED securely destroy your hardware would be the best option. Hard Drive destruction guarantees that your private information will never fall into the wrong hands.

Call SAFESHRED today at 1-800-987-4733 or visit us at our website at http://www.safeshred.com/

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Every Friday the City of Commerce and the Commerce Industrial Council (CIC) conducts their Business Outreach Program by visiting companies whose business will have long-term impact on our local economy and region.

City of Commerce, Commerce Industrial Council, CIC, Cerritos College,Charter Communications, Rivera Insurance Brokerage, Safeshred, document shredding, data destruction services

Today, we gave them a tour of SAFESHRED‘s facility and talked about how we do our document shredding, data destruction, and paper recycling.   We also discussed some of the resources available that can help businesses stay focused on their work.  In addition to our special guests, members from Charter Communications, Cerritos College, and Riviera Insurance Brokerage also participated in this program.  It was a very exciting day today, having a great opportunity to showcase what we do. In fact, it’s nice to toot your own horn sometimes, especially when it’s something you’re great at.

Special thanks to the guests and Eddie Tafoya, the CIC Chamber Executive Director who leads this wonderful program.

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