Over the last few years, research has determined that human error is a top cause of data breaches in workplaces across the globe.

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What are some common mistakes in the workplace that result in a data breach?

Giving into a phishing scam:  This scam takes place when an employee receives an email from an unknown source who attempts to draw that individual into downloading malicious files or click a forbidden link.

Misplacing a laptop: Laptops are flooded with confidential information and studies reveal that in fact, they are the most commonly stolen electronic devices among every business and industry.

Privilege abuse: Theft of confidential data can occur if a staff member gains access to information they shouldn’t have access to. It can also take place if an employee continues to seek out unauthorized company information, even after that employee has left the organization. It’s imperative that passwords and log-in information are changed immediately upon staff leaving your business to prevent this.

Security error: In many situations, it comes down to ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘human error’ in relation to information security. Errors that result in sending sensitive information to the wrong individual would fall under this specific category.

Passwords: Many data breaches take place because of weak, stolen, or default passwords. Always make an effort to keep passwords protected and strong to avoid this.

Improper disposal of information: This goes without saying that secure storing and disposing of sensitive information is critical in guarding information against exposure. When employees lack the proper training on information security processes, they are left making the decision as to what is and what isn’t considered confidential; this can be risky business. 

How can your business stop these errors from happening?

There are many steps you can take towards protecting yourself from data breach; document shredding is just one example and should be applied alongside a shred-all policy for the most effective approach. Regular training is vital in ensuring your employees stay up-to-date and knowledgeable in information security tips.

SAFESHRED has supplied peace of mind to companies, residents, and government by providing the most versatile, secure and thorough document shredding solutions available. Stay free of a data breach by turning to our professional services. Contact us today at 1-800-987-4733!

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on-site paper shredding


If your Los Angeles business is looking for a shredding service that is secure, reliable and considerate of your needs, then you’re already on the right website! SAFESHRED offers some of the most secure in-house shredding services in the world. But did you know there are more options that we offer which can increase your businesses security even more?

Routine document shredding is one major step your business can take to avoid identity theft, breach of confidentiality and the ensuing legal work that comes with both of these occurrences. SAFESHRED looks to take this preventative action one step further by offering mobile shredding services.

SAFESHRED operates one of the most secure fleets in the country. We keep our trucks well maintained and up-to-date to avoid breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances as much as possible. This ensures your documents get destroyed in a timely and secure manner. Our trucks are also continuously tracked with GPS technology to ensure your documents go where they are supposed to. We handle on average 184 tons of paper per day!

This option is also perfect for businesses with hectic schedules; we come to you! We are able to maintain flexibility by providing your business with secure, designated collection bins that our certified drivers and operators will collect from. We will come to your location, gather the documents to be shredded and destroy them on-site. You can even watch if you are so inclined! After destruction the resulting paper fibers are transported in a highly secured truck to a designated paper mill where they are recycled. A Certificate of Destruction is handed to you upon the completion of the process.

If you’re still questioning the real benefit of using a mobile service in comparison to an in-house service, here are some reasons why we offer the option to our clients.

  • Typical in-house document shredders aren’t capable of destroying documents to the irreversible state that our trucks can. More industrial machines can get closer, but the costs involved in operating and maintaining these machines usually isn’t justifiable to most businesses.
  • SAFESHRED operates at a significantly higher pace than any in-house shredder can. Your 1-hour of in-house shredding could equal 1 minute for our trucks!
  • Our mobile services continue to meet or exceed NAID regulations, as well as federal legislative requirements.

Let’s summarize what you can gain from mobile shredding services; we come to you, collect documents, destroy them on-site, and take the resulting fibers to a paper mill for recycling purposes. The process is timely and your business doesn’t have to make dedicated trips to destroy documents. Our trucks can shred thousands of documents in just minutes. Our trucks are highly secured and only transport fibres; no document is left in-tact before we depart your workplace. Our drivers are certified and will provide a Certification of Destruction on-site, following the shredding process. Lastly, our staff will take care of everything when they arrive on the site, allowing you to focus on running your operations.

If on-site services sound right for your business, contact us today to discuss your unique destruction needs, and together we can discuss the options and provide the best solution for you and your business. Click here to see our coverage area.

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The majority of us are online on a daily basis – whether we are browsing, shopping, communicating or performing job duties, it’s important to be smart about it. What does this mean? While you may think of document shredding as being the biggest form of information protection, and it is a big one; online protection is just as vital in protecting your identity.

As specialists in protecting confidential information, SAFESHRED wants to remind our clients to be cautious with online activity, and in an effort to do so we suggest that you follow some basic measures to remain secure from fraud and theft.  Of course, the internet is an amazing and viable tool for us all. We use it daily for learning, research and communicating, and for paying those monthly bills. There’s no denying how helpful the internet can be for consumers and companies, but it is important to remember that there are some drawbacks and risks that come with it as well; cyber theft and fraud are the two biggies!

Keep these security tips in mind next time you’re browsing, shopping, or sharing information over the web.

online security

Safe and Secure Online Shopping

To stay secure online, you should implement certain procedures and habits and pay attention to detail. For instance, be sure to use strong passwords that are long, difficult-to-guess, and are a combination of both numbers and lower/upper case letters. When doing any shopping online, always verify that the retailer’s security certificate is present and that the website you are using is in fact 100% secure. If a computer lacks proper security software, it is far more vulnerable to threats such as viruses and other malicious software. If this takes place, any details that are shared or processed on that particular computer may be in trouble. Potential problems that may arise from this situation include theft of personally identifiable information, bank account information, and lastly credit card numbers. To protect yourself from these outcomes, always double check that there is an HTTPS lock symbol in your browser address window when making an online purchase.

Social Media Accounts

As social media platforms continue to take over the online world, this only adds more opportunities and outlets in which criminals can locate your profile and attempt to steal personal information. If you’re exploring on Facebook or browsing Instagram, never ever share information such as your social security number. While obvious, unfortunately, these things still happen and can lead to alarming consequences. You should also make a habit of changing your online passwords on a regular routine. While many do, we highly recommend that you keep details like your place of business, hometown, or birth date off of on any social media accounts.  Refrain from storing credit card information online and during any third-party app purchases. Review all friend requests because in many cases cyber criminals will act under fake profiles to connect with you in hopes to discover your personal information for fraudulent behavior.

Anti-Virus Security Measures

Investing in anti-virus software is always worth the purchase, and will protect you tremendously online! As with anything, researching your options prior to purchasing the first one you come across is a step that’s for your best interest. Paid protection is always is always more effective than free. Never skip over using antivirus software as it’s a very important for maintaining online safety.

Any individual or company that creates, stores, or shares confidential material, should highly consider turning to professional shredding services for total protection. This includes hard drive destruction, data destruction, and document shredding.

At SAFESHRED, we will assist you in shredding all of your old media securely. Whether you have hard drives laptops or backup tapes to dispose of, we’ll handle the process for you in a manner that protects your information and our environment. Our secure services guarantee that your business is protected from data exposure and that you stay compliant with key privacy legislation.

Contact us today for additional information. Call SAFESHRED at 1-800-987-4733.

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