Employee Error Often Leads to a Data Breach – Here’s Why

Over the last few years, research has determined that human error is a top cause of data breaches in workplaces across the globe. What are some common mistakes in the workplace that result in a data breach? Giving into a phishing scam:  This scam takes place when an employee receives an email from an unknown […]

How On-site Shredding Keeps Your Business Running Efficiently & Securely

  If your Los Angeles business is looking for a shredding service that is secure, reliable and considerate of your needs, then you’re already on the right website! SAFESHRED offers some of the most secure in-house shredding services in the world. But did you know there are more options that we offer which can increase […]

Are You Staying Protected Online?

The majority of us are online on a daily basis – whether we are browsing, shopping, communicating or performing job duties, it’s important to be smart about it. What does this mean? While you may think of document shredding as being the biggest form of information protection, and it is a big one; online protection […]