There’s lots of different ways to become environmentally friendly in the office, such as turning off lights in rooms when not in use, increasing the air conditioner temperature by a degree or two, and having multi-stream recycling stations in lunch rooms. For us, dealing with paper is our business but we’ve turned that into an environmental positive by ensuring that 100% of the paper we collect and shred is recycled. Each year we shred roughly 134 million pounds of paper; that can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill and 7,000 gallons of water.

Last year alone our customers helped us save:

  • 201,347 cubic yards of landfill
  • 1,140,969 trees
  • 469,810,796 gallons of water
  • 25,504,014 gallons of oil
  • 268,463,312 kwh of energy
  • 1,812,127 pounds of air pollutants

That’s a lot of trees our customers saved last year without even thinking about it! We love to hear about innovative ways that businesses are integrating green initiatives into the office so if you have an idea or something you’ve done in your office tell us about it! Every couple of weeks we’ll put a spotlight on simple and easy things that anybody can implement in their office in an effort to help make doing business a greener initiative.

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Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees


We are starting one of our largest document shredding projects ever!  SAFESHRED will be shredding away 350,000 boxes over the course of a 3-4 months.  That’s about 6500 tons of paper (13 million pounds)!  So according to EPA calculations we can save…

  • 110,500 mature trees
  • 2,470,000 gallons of oil
  • 21,450 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 26,000,000 kilowatts of energy (sustains 3250 American homes for a year)
  • 45,500,000 gallons of water (sustains 415 American homes for a year)

We are very excited to see this project through and looking at these numbers makes us proud about what we can do to help keep our earth green.

Want to learn more about some great recycling facts?

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Product destruction services help a business during both good and bad times. By effectively destroying products, a product destruction company helps business owners protect the image of their brand. This post walks through different circumstances under which you may need services of a product destruction company.

Product Destruction during Brand Renaissance
Have you ever wondered the most important need of a business when they plan to revamp their whole identity? Changing company logo may seem an easy to execute task, but in real, it requires many efforts. Every appearance of old logo needs destruction. Be it from employee uniforms, remaining marketing materials, products in stock, and every other thing where old logo appears.

In addition, you also need to remove all data from hard drives, product demonstration CDs, or products manuals to decrease the chances of a data breach and a PR nightmare. Hard drive shredding, and complete destruction of old magnetic and optical storage media is required to remove old data securely.

In such cases, one needs total assurance of destruction and a proof for the same so that the brand cannot be maligned by anyone in any case. Only a reputed product destruction company can help businesses achieve this mammoth task by effectively destroying all products with a logo printed on it.

Product Destruction for Reputation Management
If you are a product manufacturer, several times you may have come across situations where you needed a service to destroy your obsolete or recalled products. What did you do at such situations? You cannot have an in-house facility to take care of such rare occasions coming in your business. Product destruction and shredding service providers come to rescue in such conditions and provide you an environment friendly, cost-effective, and timely solution.

Other Circumstances
Product destruction services become mandatory in a few other circumstances too. Here are a few cases where you need product destruction services:
1. For product prototypes that you don’t want to get copied by anyone
2. Stock of discontinued products who are no longer being manufactured
3. Promotional products and expired marketing materials
4. Products with manufacturing defects

Proof of Destruction
Product destruction is highly sensitive task and it is very important to get the proof of product destruction. Established shredding and product destruction companies provide proof of destruction at the end of assignment. They usually offer multiple high quality images/videos of your products before and after destruction. The whole process can be seen live at destruction facility or via secure CCTV camera systems from anywhere in the world using the Internet. In brief, you can get everything to stay assured the task of product destruction was complete properly using the best mechanism.

Sustainability is an important concern during the process of product destruction. Shredding and product destruction companies like SAFESHRED, ensure use of eco-friendly technologies for destruction and they recycle every possible object (like papers, metal etc.), providing least or no harm to the environment.

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Sometimes, seemingly perfect products cannot be sold and must be destroyed in order to preserve the integrity and brand of a company.   Many businesses and government agencies have to dispose of counterfeit, recalled, expired, or faulty items securely.

That’s why a Fortune 100 company has trusted SAFESHRED to manage the proper destruction and disposal of about 450 tons of toys.  The 900,000 pounds of toys will be shredded on our SSI machine at our facility located here in Los Angeles.  This one month project is one of SAFESHRED’s largest toy destruction jobs in which most of the material destroyed will be recycled. With all our destruction projects, a detailed Certificate of Destruction is provided with each shipment.

SAFESHRED helps you with your product destruction needs.  We are your partner that provides peace of mind for you and your company.


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This Saturday May 5th:  Free Document Shredding & E-Waste Collection hosted by the LA County Sheriff’s Department.  9am – 3pm.  We are providing bins for the event which promotes identity theft awareness.  They are also having a rummage sale, selling tacos & baked goods in which proceeds will be donated to the 999 for Kids Program. The program was created in 1985 to help physically and mentally challenged children throughout LA County who are victims of child abuse, neglect, and family violence.

We’ve been providing service for various Los Angeles County Departments for their document shredding needs for a whopping 15 years now!  As it is customer appreciation month, we’d like to take some space here to thank you for being with us all these years.  THANK YOU!

identity theft awarenes, document shredding, shred paper, e-waste recycling, fundraiser,



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One of the things we pride ourselves in at SAFESHRED is finding sustainable solutions for our product destruction service. We don’t just focus on processing materials; we proactively look for new ways to keep destroyed products from going to landfills.

Earlier this year, First Step Fitness contacted us with a very interesting challenge.   They needed 1,000 lbs. of shredded clothing to fill muay thai bags for their new fitness classes.  Their initial attempt to shred 500 lbs. of clothing with scissors took up too much time, and ended up causing sore hands – so they came to us for a solution.  The timing was impeccable, since another client needed to have 500 lbs. of apparel shredded as well. By recycling materials for use in a different operation, we were able to keep those items from going to the landfill. We love finding creative ways to recycle discarded products!

Thank you First Step Fitness for being a part of our green efforts!


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