5 Signs Your Identity Has Been Compromised

Identity thieves are more sophisticated – and relentless – than ever. While you may feel you’ve taken appropriate steps to fend off ID theft, you can never be too vigilant. Here are five early signs your identity may have been compromised:

1. Getting turned down for credit.

This is probably the second-most common ways people discover they’re a victim of identity theft.  Should your credit application get denied, check your account as soon as possible – and contact the card issuer to see if they can help find out what caused the problem.

2. Unusual credit card charges.

It’s surprisingly easy to miss a bogus credit card charge. It’s easier to notice them if you keep all your receipts in one place, and match them to your statements every month.

4. Phone calls from unknown creditors.

If creditor calls demanding payment for something you didn’t buy, don’t just tell them they’ve made a mistake – get as much information as possible from the caller so you have tools with which to investigate.

5. Missing bills.

If your usual bills suddenly stop arriving, it could mean an identity thief has changed your address in order to gain access to your bank accounts. Go through your bills and call any account where the bill is missing.

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