Secure Containers

Protect your documents with the highest security standards in the industry.

Store your confidential papers in a secure, lockable and durable shred container (provided by SAFESHRED) ensuring information is protected prior document shredding.

Secure Bins and Consoles

SAFESHRED will gladly provide bins for short and long term use.
Larger sizes are also available.


Excellent option for office and deskside collection of documents.


36”H x 16.5”D x 23” W

Weight: 52lbs

Maximum Capacity:
100lbs of paper

64 Gallon Bin

This secure and reliable container is perfect for storing higher volumes of paper in your office.

64 gallon bin

39”H x 29”D x 23” W

Weight: 35lbs

Maximum Capacity:
250lbs of paper

95 Gallon Bin

This secure large container will fit offices or facilities where generate high volumes of documents.

Shredding Console

42”H x 34.5”D x 23”W

Weight: 40lbs

Maximum Capacity:
380lbs of paper

175 Gallon Bin

This large, locked bin is ideal for large facilities and institutions. The narrow depth makes it easy to fit through standard doorways.

175 gallon bin

37.5”H x 31”D x 48” W

Weight: 90lbs

Maximum Capacity:
600lbs of paper

SAFESHRED is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) certification program.

To provide you with absolute assurance and confidence, SAFESHRED implements the highest security standards in the industry.

AAA Certified

Protect Your Sensitive Information.

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