Do your part for the environment and bring your recyclable paper to SAFESHRED

Since 1995, SAFESHRED has been in the vanguard of forward-thinking companies that have searched for and designed new ways to recycle materials that would otherwise go to waste. After we complete the shredding process, 100% of our paper is recycled, going directly to our paper mill partners – with no middleman or reselling of these materials.


of our paper is recycled

SAFESHRED shreds and recycles over 134 million pounds of paper per year.


Taking it further.

At SAFESHRED sustainability is an essential part of our process. We work hard to make sure that our operations are environmentally friendly and minimize waste. We choose suppliers that run their own green programs and share our commitment to the environment.

Our sustainability efforts include:

•  Eco-friendly Consoles – Our security bins feature low-emissions materials, while still providing the security and durability our customers require. These containers exceed the standards set by recently enacted California environmental regulations. 

•  Energy-efficient Shredding Trucks – Our late-model shredding trucks use less fuel per pound of paper shredded than any other company in the business. Additionally, vehicles meet the EPA’s low emissions standards through the use of efficient fuel.

Making the right choices.

As responsible partners, SAFESHRED is committed to making the right choices for our customers and the world we all share. Choose SAFESHRED’s eco-friendly, energy-efficient processes and turn your company’s disposal problems into part of the solution for a better environment.

What happens when we recycle ONE ton (2000 pounds) of paper? WE SAVE…




water droplets

7000 Gallons

of Water

waste recycling icon

380 Gallons

of Oil


3 yard³ of

Landfill Space

sustainability icon

4000 kW

of Energy

This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution!


Sustainability. Be a Part of the Solution.

Since 1995, SAFESHRED has searched for and designed new ways to recycle materials
that would otherwise go to waste.

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