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“A business that has been a lifesaver for me! and they have FRIDAY FREEBIE!!

I came across Safeshred at a time of crisis almost a year ago. I was informed by a medical facility I had attended for Dialysis Treatments for about a year in Nov 2013 that due to a “Data Breach” my medical, financial information ( including my social security number and banking info) had been compromised due to the negligence of an employee, along with 325 other patients.  I have been in the business of Healthcare for over 25 yrs and know the importance of properly securing patient’s health information and patients Personal Information (PHI, PPI).  I implemented a program across the Health System, and trained my 200+ staff on proper handling of PHI and PPI information.  At home I did the same with my personal shredder and my own data.  Little did I know that despite all precautions, I would become a victim of Identity Theft.  It was not until June on 2014, when I received a letter from the IRS inquiring about the 1040EZ (which I have never been able to file), that it was determined my SS# had been used to commit a federal crime. Now after hundreds of hours, Thousands of Dollars, A 200 POINT DROP IN MY CREDIT SCORE!!  did I realize that the “1 yr free Credit Monitoring” I received due to the Data Breach was nothing even close to what I would need to gather all the information, police reports, file affidavits etc… to fight the thousands of Collection Calls, numerous medical bills from NY to OK from collection agencies and medical services I never received.

Fortunately the State of California have been progressive in legislation to assist and protect Victims if ID Theft, but the Education and Resources that help assist the victim in recovering from this invasive crime is still lacking.  However, Safeshred is doing an incredible community service by educating the public about protecting your confidential information.  They also back up the talk with the walk by holding Free drop-off Friday’s once a month, where the public can drop off up to 3 small boxes of paperwork to be disposed of for free AND you get a Certification insuring that your data had been disposed of properly!!  YOU CANNOT BET THAT, as for the cost for additional items to be disposed of, they are very reasonable, but you cannot put a price on the PEACE OF MIND you have when you know that you are doing your part to help protect yourself and your family from the nightmare of being the victim of ID Theft and mental, physical and psychological toll you pay when you reaching for guidance or a lifeline to be rescued and recover from this crime.

Safeshred was there when I needed guidance and  because I am now hypersensitive to insuring nothing of a personal nature goes out with the trash. Safeshred gives me a sense of security that I will not be the cause of this crime happening to my family ever again!   THANK YOU FOR THE WORK YOU DO!!, now I am off to drop off my boxes of paperwork for this month!!”

– Randall W

Shred Day

“Our organization recently held its second free “Shred Day” allowing our association membership to bring their sensitive documents to be securely destroyed. The entire staff at Safeshred did an exemplary job in helping us organize the event and then the on-site execution was a friendly day of service and shredding, resulting in praise from our members. Our staff recommends you consider Safe Shred for your shredding needs, you won’t regret it!”

– Daniel R. Lanning, Executive Vice President, Glendale Association of REALTORS®

First Shredding Experience

“Today was my first experience of sending out documents for secure shredding – to a company which specializes in this and related services – instead of feeding the documents by hand, a few pages a time, into my own shredder. A “personal shredder” may be fine for an occasional document or two, but when one has POUNDS and BOXES of documents containing information on it like social security. checking account and credit card numbers, personal shredders simply won’t cut it!

It was such a relief to be able to hand over three boxes stuffed with documents which I would definitely not feel safe, merely dumping into a trash bin – to a professional; in this case, a company called SAFESHRED located: 5928 S. Malt Ave.Commerce, CA 90040.

The receptionist, Miriam Chacon was especially helpful and informative about the process and having spoken with her on the phone previous to my drop-off, I knew that my documents would be safely destroyed. She communicates that SAFESHRED is a company which cares about their business and gave me the confidence to trust my documents destruction with them. The drop-off process was quick and easy and I would not hesitate to use the again for my secure document and media destruction in the future.”

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