City of Commerce and Commerce Industrial Council Chamber Visits SAFESHRED

Every Friday the City of Commerce and the Commerce Industrial Council (CIC) conducts their Business Outreach Program by visiting companies whose business will have long-term impact on our local economy and region.


Today, we gave them a tour of SAFESHRED‘s facility and talked about how we do our document shredding, data destruction, and paper recycling.   We also discussed some of the resources available that can help businesses stay focused on their work.  In addition to our special guests, members from Charter Communications, Cerritos College, and Riviera Insurance Brokerage also participated in this program.  It was a very exciting day today, having a great opportunity to showcase what we do. In fact, it’s nice to toot your own horn sometimes, especially when it’s something you’re great at.

Special thanks to the guests and Eddie Tafoya, the CIC Chamber Executive Director who leads this wonderful program.

Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!