Here’s Why You Should Be Taking Cyber Security Seriously


No matter whether you use a computer for personal or business purposes, you’ve likely become at least somewhat familiar with computer viruses and the damage they can cause. The reality is that cyber security is a truly critical piece that should be considered any time you use a device connected to the internet. The risks and potential damages that can arise from a lack of cyber security management can be irritating in mild circumstances, and completely devastating in the worst cases.

Cyber security refers to the protection of devices that maintain a connection to the internet. It can be applied to devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and much more. Cyber security includes the protection of both hardware and software.


No Single Solution for Truly Effective Cyber Security

Cyber-security relies on many different things in order to be truly impacting and effective. Generally speaking; this means that simply updating software and installing anti-malware software isn’t enough to have a truly robust cyber security solution. The human element is vital to successful cyber security measures; picking strong passwords, staying away from questionable websites, and being mindful of what you type into a website are all important things to consider maintaining a truly effective protocol.

Email is an area of concern and vulnerability. For many email users, phony emails can often be found by simply browsing your junk email folder (just don’t open any of these emails!). Many senders will use email to lure in users to click a malicious link or website. Knowing how to spot a phony email is key. Take a look at Cisco’s phishing quiz to see how well you can spot fake emails and websites.


Multiple Approaches of Attack

Cyber attackers have many ways of going after internet users. Here are some of the most common forms of cyber-attacks:


  • Phishing– Phishing is when cyber attackers use websites or emails that appear to be legitimate to draw (or “fish”) victims in. Such websites and emails often imitate other websites, organizations or individuals in order to lure users in.


  • Malware – Broadly defined, malware is any software that is designed with malicious intent. Malware can include things such as computer viruses and worms. Malware can also often be found to imitate the appearance of other safe programs or applications.


  • Ransomware – This is likely the most frightening of the three listed to experience. Ransomware is when a computer or device is targeted by a hacker and is taken over in its entirety; often through encryption. The user is usually presented with a full screen that reads a message demanding a form of compensation to return access to the computer and its files.


With more and more organizations turning to computers to create, manage and store information, cyber security has never been a more vital piece to be mindful of. Proper cyber security can protect not just your employees and devices, but also your entire business.


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