What Is NAID & Why Is Safe Shred Proud To Be A Member?


If you have looked around our website you may have seen the name NAID floating around. NAID may not mean anything to you at first, but it is an important acronym. It stands for the National Association for Information Destruction, and this group has done a lot for consumers in the document destruction sector. NAID is a standards setting body for the information destruction industry recognized at the government level. It operates all over the globe, making sure that document shredders operate within the bounds of the laws that are relevant to them and their customers. Members of the association are given the responsibility of following different legislations for customers, among other quality-assurance measures.

NAID’s certification program was put together by information security experts around the world. Members of the association seeking to obtain and hold this certification are held to many responsibilities, including undergoing random audits to ensure that all commitments to the association and customers are being maintained.

The responsibility to ensure companies have written policies that use the correct legal terms and meet existing legal standards, actually falls on to the customer. If a customer uses a shredding provider which fails to operate at existing legal standards and runs into legal trouble, the customer is responsible rather than the shredding provider. NAID Certification is important for consumers because of this. Part of the certification requires that data destruction firms have written policies which include the correct terminology, and comply with existing federal laws where relevant. This is a measure designed to protect customers.

Noting this, it is important to consider that NAID Certification, while important for consumers, is completely optional. While there are companies who operate without NAID Certification who may do fine work, there is simply no way or guarantee for the customer if something goes wrong.


SAFESHRED is a proud NAID Certified member.

We maintain or exceed the standards to ensure our operations meet and exceed the stringent legal responsibilities for both us and our customers in nearly all industries. SAFESHRED cooperates with other NAID members to ensure the document destruction community remains secure. All of our services and operations are designed to fall well within the scope of legal responsibilities for customers in these many sectors. To learn more about SAFESHRED and NAID, check out the Chain of Custody on our website. Our team knows what’s up!

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