Secure Collection Bins Keep Your Sensitive Content Safe

Recycling bins can be found in essentially every business here in Los Angeles, but it appears that in several situations, they are too often used for collecting material other than simply cans, bottles, and plastic items. What’s the biggies issue with placing old paperwork in your recycling bin?  While paper itself is not the culprit, documents that cover sensitive topics are another story.  As a Los Angeles organization, you probably circulate and store a significant amount of files on a day-to-day basis; the majority of it likely involves confidential details surrounding your customers, business plans, employees, or competitors. Throwing any records like these in your recycling bin is inviting in bad news.

For instance, you wouldn’t want any unfamiliar individuals or companies for that matter, learning your salary, marketing plans, budget, or customer list, correct?  Tossing files in the recycling bin that may reveal these details, is putting you at considerable risk of information theft. Identity thieves will rummage through trash bins and recycling bins in hopes to discover any juicy details they can use to obtain critical data; they’ll then of course use this information to conduct their criminal act. Due to the fact that it can be challenging deciding what information is deemed private and what isn’t, many Los Angeles organizations are doing away with paper recycling bins entirely and are replacing these with lockable, collection bins for secure paper storage.

Collection bins and containers are designed with paper-slots and locking mechanisms to guarantee document collection is safe and secure. This simple practice ensures there is no risk of lost/stolen information before it’s collected for secure destruction. Failing to dispose of your sensitive records or failing to dispose of them effectively, can quickly result in legal penalties such as data breach. Keep your reputation in good standing, and turn to NAID AAA Certified document shredding services provided by SAFESHRED.  Our team will provide you with on-site document shredding on your scheduled shred service date. SAFESHRED offers several choices when it comes to container size and style, and each of our bins and consoles are built with quality parts, and designed to last.

Be sure that your Los Angeles company is doing everything possible to maintain confidentiality of private information and legal compliance. At the end of the day, as a business owner you have a legal obligation to protect details pertaining to your customers and employees.

Consider Starting the Below for Your Los Angeles Organization:

  • Establish a work environment based on information security with a top-down dedication from management.
  • Start a ‘shred-all’ policy for the most effective means of document collection and destruction. Starting this simple process will reinforce to employees the need for secure disposal of documents. All paperwork is collected and stored in locked containers, which saves your employees from having to conclude what’s confidential and what’s not. This also eliminates the need for in-house shredders.
  • Carry out regular security audits to determine which areas in your day to day work routine need improvements to achieve greater security.
  • Hire a NAID Certified, professional document shredding company to handle your document destruction needs. At SAFESHRED, we are a reputable business with more than 20 years of experience in the information destruction industry.
  • In addition to paper destruction, shred your hard drives and electronic media as part of your office information destruction policy.
  • SAFESHRED provides tools to assist with compliance, such as policy and procedure templates and ongoing employee training.

Feel free to reach out to our team of professionals for further information surrounding our shredding services. Treat your sensitive records with care; our secure collection containers will keep your sensitive material secured at all times.

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