Shredding Trucks & Secure Bins: How We Combine Security & Convenience

Using our shredding services comes with several advantages, not the least of which is how we’ve designed them to maximize security and convenience. Nothing says these have to be mutually exclusive, and we work hard to make sure you get to benefit from both.


Our Shredding Trucks

The advantage of shredding trucks is their ability to come to any location at any time. We’re able to reach all of our clients no matter where they are located in our service area. It also allows us to service any job no matter the size. Doing all shredding right on-site before your eyes allows you to view the whole process and provides you with great peace of mind that the job has been completed successfully and to your satisfaction. Certificates of Destruction are provided to you on the spot for your records, letting you verify you have met your shred needs.

The flexibility this offer also lets us provide you with the option to receive shredding once or on a schedule. This ensures that everyone can stay on top of their shredding needs no matter what they are. By doing so you won’t fall victim to any compliance fines for falling behind.

Shred Bins

When files are being retained, or you find yourself in between visits from the shred truck, you’ll have to keep your records secure. One solution is to keep them locked in a file cabinet or a safe, but this isn’t a great plan for files with a high turn-over rate. What is needed is something that is secure while being quick and easy. The solution to this is the afore mentioned shred bins.

These bins and desk consoles are simply containers with a lock and letter slot on them. This lets you dispose of them easily, reducing any loss in productivity, while keeping papers safe. The bins are placed in strategic locations around your business and office to make them easy to access. When the time for shredding has come, one of our uniformed staff members will come in, wheel the bins out to the waiting truck and commence with the shred action.

Ready to Shred

When it’s time for you to consider shred services, make sure you look for the mobile shredding option with shred bins. By maximizing security and convenience you can make sure your document disposal process is as secure and easy as it can be made. Getting service is as simple as reaching out to us and telling us your needs. We’ll help to determine what is best for your needs.


Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!