Toy Destruction Project

Sometimes, seemingly perfect products cannot be sold and must be destroyed in order to preserve the integrity and brand of a company.   Many businesses and government agencies have to dispose of counterfeit, recalled, expired, or faulty items securely.

That’s why a Fortune 100 company has trusted SAFESHRED to manage the proper destruction and disposal of about 450 tons of toys.  The 900,000 pounds of toys will be shredded on our SSI machine at our facility located here in Los Angeles.  This one-month project is one of SAFESHRED’s largest toy destruction jobs in which most of the material destroyed will be recycled. With all our destruction projects, a detailed Certificate of Destruction is provided with each shipment.

SAFESHRED helps you with your product destruction needs.  We are your partner that provides peace of mind for you and your company.



Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!