Advantages of Mobile Shredding Trucks

A very common feature for companies handling document destruction, is a fleet of advanced shredding trucks. These trucks zip all over, making house calls while bringing shred services to any location. This convenient option is by far the most popular shredding service. With that said, some people do wonder what the point of having a built in truck shredder is. Why not just load up papers and send them to a facility for shredding and processing?

Why Shred in the Truck?

What exactly is the advantage of having a built in shredder anyways? If the trucks are being loaded up with papers than we might as well just bring it all back for processing, instead of risking a technical failure in an expensive piece of mobile equipment. While there is a risk of that happening, as with all other mechanical devices, the advantages greatly ouyweigh any risks.

The biggest of these advantages is the ability for our clients to witness the entire shred process from start to finish. This is the best way to ensure peace of mind in clients who worry about what happens with their private information. Not only can they witness what happens on the outside, the trucks come equipped with internal video cameras. These cameras let you see the actual shredding as it happens inside the truck. There is truly no better way to feel secure about shredding.

Isn’t this Inefficient from an Operations Stand Point?

Not in the slightest! One might be inclined to think that taking the time to shred at every location we go to, would slow down operations and rather the best option would be to collect as much as the trucks can carry, and ferry them back to the plant for shredding. In reality, the trucks are the best option once again. Shredded material compacts better than then intact papers do. This allows the trucks to carry a larger volume of material in their holding tanks. This ultimately allows for a larger amount of material to be processed when it is brought back to the plant.

Since the papers are already shredded, they can be sent right away for bailing and then off to be recycled. This bypasses the need to run the in-plant shredding line, which ultimately speeds up our processes. The plant based shredder can be reserved for those papers that do get dropped off, and won’t end up being back logged by the trucks arriving. As you can see from the above, the trucks are really and truly a great option for any document destruction operation.

Sounds Great! How do I Get a Truck to Visit?

Just reach out to your document destruction company of choice and schedule a time and place for a shred truck to come. It couldn’t be easier!

Not sure what shred company to choose? Why not SAFESHRED? We’re based in Los Angeles and offer a wide range of document destruction services to ensure all of your needs are met. If you’re ready to dispose of your records, give us a call.


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