Why Shred Hard Drives Professionally?

The majority of document shredding companies will also offer a hard drive destruction service. A lot of people, even today in this digital age, wonder why they bother to do this. Why offer a service that people need to pay for when a sledge hammer and a concrete floor will destroy a hard drive? What about just throwing it away after clearing the memory?

The main contributing factor for people not seeing the value in this service comes down to a misunderstanding on the nature of deletion. The proper software and some dedication is all it takes to recover deleted fragments and reconstruct them. We’ll provide some insights below as to the nature of deletion to help you understand why physical destruction is necessary.

What’s the Nature of Deletion?

Deleting a file doesn’t truly destroy it right away. When you press your delete key, your computer removes the directory listing of the file so it no longer appears in your document listing, and marks its location on the drive as “available”. New data is then able to be saved on that spot, overwriting the old data. How soon or long it takes depends on the amount of new data being saved. Fragments of the old data may still exist however, even after new data has been saved over it. In this way, data can still be recovered even after being “deleted”.

 hard drive destruction

Physical Destruction

By taking your old hard drives and running them through an industrial grade shredding machine, you can rest easy knowing all your data is gone for good. Data cannot live through or be recovered from dust! The destruction is so fine that nothing will be left unscathed, unlike attempting to do it at home where parts will be missed or not destroyed enough.

After destruction, the leftover material is sent to be recycled into base materials and then reused in new products. Not only are you ensuring your own security with the proper process, you’ll be directly contributing to sustainability initiatives. It’s all win-win for all!

Ready for Destruction?

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