Being Aware Of the Identity Theft Types

Disaster usually strikes when no one is expecting it to rear its ugly head. Here we are minding our own business when the sky suddenly falls on our world. Being a victim of identity theft will feel as if the sky is falling, and it is a sad fact that it is only happening more and more. There are many different kinds of identity theft out there these days, but in this article we’ll only cover a few of the most common ones.

Criminal Theft

This is one of the most common types of identity theft and happens when someone commits a crime with your name. It is extremely, extremely difficult to resolve and it can come back to haunt you in a big way. Imagine applying for a job you really want, or need, and being rejected due to a criminal record you didn’t know you had. Picture being pulled over by an officer for something minor but then having it escalate because they looked you up and, to your horror, there’s a warrant out for you. People claim innocence all the time even if they are guilty of something, so as you can imagine there’s no easy way out of this one.

Medical Theft

The theft of your medical records could lead to several things. Large medical bills being sent your way for operations, medications, and other medical services you never got. The other issue is should injuries someone else got treatment for be recorded on your file, you may be given medical advice for problems you do not have. This can ultimately lead to bigger complications down the line.

Financial Theft

This is when your credit and bank account information is taken to be used to purchase goods and services using your money. Typically the one responsible will use the maximum amount of money they can access from your accounts, leaving you with huge bills and massive withdrawals. All of this will leave you with lower credit scores, and massive debts that aren’t yours in the first place.

Driver’s License Identity Theft

Should your driver’s license be lost or stolen, it is possible that someone else with similar features to you, could use it to pass of as you. This provides them an extra layer of security from being identified for their crimes, as all information will point to you as being responsible. Your record could be stacked up with DUI’s, reckless driving, and even more serious charges. This will cause the police to initially come after you for various charges not your own in the initial stages of investigation.

Avoiding Theft

In order to reduce the chances of all of this happening to you, be sure to properly manage and dispose of your secure documents. Secure document destruction is the best way to reduce the risks of identity theft, and the best way to achieve these results is through a professional service provider such as SAFESHRED. If you are done taking chances and are ready to start increasing your security, reach out to us, we’ll come and help you stay secure.

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