Retaining Secure Documents

With all the talk and reminders about properly shredding and destroying your sensitive information, it can be easy to forget that sometimes records need to be kept for a while. Be it financial records, medical records, or any kind of sensitive records need to be stored in a secure and organized manner. Simply leaving them in a shoe box and an unsecured desk draw is irresponsible, and you’d be asking to have your information stolen at that rate. In this article we have some tips you can follow to help stay secure and organized no matter what kind of records you’re storing.

document retention

Assess your information: Different companies will be producing different kinds of information. Assessing what kind you produce will help you to organize them for storage while making you fully aware of the data being handled.

Indexing for fast retrieval: Proper organizational systems for your records will save you a lager hassle when it comes to retrieving files. By limiting access to those who really need the records you will also be reducing the chances of data breaches from occurring.

Be aware of retention laws: Some types of records are forbidden by law to be stored and there for must not be kept. Other record types can be stored but only for a limited amount of time before you begin risking fines.

Stay on top of emails: While we most commonly talk about sensitive information in paper formats, it’s important to remember that a lot of information is transferred in emails. Be sure to delete emails with private information in them in a timely manner, and if you need some motivation to do so remember that the Panama Papers exposed over 4.8 million emails.

When it’s time for destruction

When it’s time for you to destroy secure records, be they paper or electronic storage devices, turn to professional shredding services. These are the most secure way to have your records destroyed in a secure manner that complies with government standards. The professionals at SafeShred are certified to take care of all your destruction needs.

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