Bringing Document Shredding To LA County

Businesses and residents of LA county can rest a bit easier about identity theft and information fraud when they partner with a secure shredding company like SAFESHRED. Our services are designed to ensure the maximum amount of security while being as convenient as we can make them. In addition to security and convenience, our services are tailored to help the sustainability effort and reduce our environmental impact.

Our Shred Services

Our services cover a range of options so you can always be choosing the right one for you. Onsite document shredding gives you the maximum level of convenience without sacrificing security by having a shred truck come to your location. Since all shredding is done onsite you’ll be able to watch the whole process, ensuring your own peace of mind. The trucks themselves hold an industrial grade shredder that reduces all material into a fine confetti that makes it impossible to reconstruct documents. All material is then taken to be recycled into new paper products.

If onsite services aren’t your thing, we have a modern shred facility where you can simply pop in and drop off what you need destroyed. This is great if you’re only looking for some quick one-time services to take care of your needs. While no job is to big or small for us, we ensure all our options are available to you. All shredding clients are provided a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the job. With this you will be able to prove that you’ve taken care of your secure shredding needs.

Why it Matters

Identity theft and information fraud remains on the rise sadly, and it is more important than ever to ensure you are doing what needs to be done to ensure your safety and the safety of your clients and employees. Becoming a victim is a hard thing to deal with as it can lead to years of hardship in trying to prove your information has been stolen and it’s not you doing something you shouldn’t be. In addition, the loss of trust with clients and customers can potentially lead to permanent damage to your name and brand.

Aside from the above risks, there are also compliance regulations you need to be adhering to. Failure to do so can result in fines being leveled against you. Make sure you are aware of what the state and federal level regulations are. If operating in multiple states you will find yourself under multiple state level regulations that you will need to adhere to, but if you are only in one state then there will be only that state’s regulations to understand and be made aware of.

How To Request it

Benefiting from our services is as easy as reaching out and contacting us and passing along what your needs are. We’ll work with you to determine what service is best if you’re unsure what you need. All residents and businesses in LA county shouldn’t be without a plan for their information protection needs, and we’re here to provide it to them.

Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!