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In California most businesses are subject to federal or state legislation which forces specific day-to-day operations to occur. There are so many bills that can affect business operations that it can be hard to keep on top of them all. Your business should however, know the basics of one specific piece of legislation known as FACTA.

FACTA stands for the Fact and Accurate Transactions Act. The law was created and implemented with the goal of preventing and punishing consumer fraud and identity theft practices. The act consists of seven major titles:

  1. Identity Theft Prevention and Credit History Restoration
  2. Improvements in Use of and Consumer Access to Credit Information
  3. Enhancing the Accuracy of Consumer Report Information
  4. Limiting the Use and Sharing of Medical Information in the Financial System
  5. Financial Literacy and Education Improvement
  6. Protecting Employee Misconduct Investigations
  7. Relation to State Laws.

On June 1, 2005, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) put into effect a new part of FACTA known as the “Disposal Rule”, which was composed to encourage businesses and individuals (including those in the Los Angeles area) to take appropriate measures to dispose of sensitive information derived from consumer reports in order to prevent identity theft and consumer fraud In summary; it requires businesses and individuals using consumer reports, to destroy them after an appropriate time period has been reached.

The FTC outlines what it classifies as proper document disposal methods. These methods include burning, pulverizing or shredding papers containing consumer report information. Electronic files must be destroyed or erased either through digital or physical destruction of the media devices, used to store the information (ex. Hard drives, USB flash drives etc.).

The Disposal Rule applies to many businesses covering many different professional areas. These include:

  • Consumer reporting companies
  • Lenders
  • Insurers
  • Employers
  • Landlords
  • Government agencies
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Automobile dealers
  • Attorneys or private investigators
  • Debt collectors
  • Individuals who obtain a credit report on prospective nannies, contractors, or tenants

Click here to learn more about FACTA.

Click here to learn more about the Disposal Rule.

SAFESHRED is proud to offer services that are compliant with guidelines set out in many federal and state-level legislations including FACTA. Our NAID membership ensures, among other things, that our operations are in spec with the most rigorous service standards and legal compliances. Your Los Angeles area business can rest assured with SAFESHRED. To learn more, contact us today at 1-800-987-4722.

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Every business should utilize paper shredding for the protection of their customers and for their own company. It is just plain smart business. If someone were to get their hands on just a few vital pieces of information, you or your customers could be at serious risk. In fact, a thief can use something as simple as one’s name and address to get what they need. By shredding all of your paper documents, receipts and invoices, you can protect your customers and business.

It is also a wise practice to shred sensitive documents that may be of use to your competition here in Los Angeles. After all, most business owners, if given the chance, would like to see the customer list of the competition, the margins on their products or services, their advertising budget or even employee wages. Any document can be used as leverage by the competition.

How Common is Paper Shredding in Business?

The scary truth about paper shredding is that not enough businesses in Los Angeles, or in North America for that matter, take shredding sensitive documents seriously.

According to research shows that:

–          Nearly 80% of businesses do not make an effort to correctly dispose of sensitive materials.

–          Only 4% successfully destroyed confidential documents.

–          30% of companies simply threw away documents that the competition could use.

–          40% of businesses threw away sensitive customer information.

How Common is Identity Theft?

The number of identity theft cases in the United States continues to increase with each year, and the numbers are quite alarming. Recent statistics suggest that nearly 15 million Americans had their identities used fraudulently in 2012 and the financial losses totaled closed to $50 billion.* (

Many criminals will target businesses, big or small, when trying to get the information they want by using a technique known as dumpster diving. They find this tactic extremely useful because they know they can get a lot of information is seconds. As mentioned earlier, even the smallest tidbit of information about a customer or your company can have devastating consequences.

Where Can I Find Paper Shredding Services in Los Angeles?

Finding the right paper shredding business in Los Angeles can be difficult but SAFESHRED is located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles. We are right between the Santa Ana Freeway and the Long Beach Freeway. For a free quote about the paper shredding services we provide, please call: 1-800-987-4733.


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If you’ve found your way here, you know by now that we offer a variety of services related to document shredding, product destruction, media destruction, waste paper recycling, and e-waste services but what does that all really mean for you and your business at the end of the day?

Each of our services provide value to your business. The most obvious one you think of when it comes to shredding paper is the confidentiality of information and compliance with state and federal legislation. However, have you ever thought what it would mean to your business if confidentiality and compliance didn’t matter? Where would all that paper go? Recycling bins, the office garbage, stuffed in drawers and filing cabinets; it could get messy pretty quickly. We help you implement a plan to ensure that the paper in your office is not only securely and confidentially destroyed but that all of it ends up being recycled. This adds an environmental effort that your business can promote as one of its green initiatives.

When you think of e-waste does it make you think of the old electronics you’ve hidden away in a storage closet at home or at the office? If you were to get rid of those old electronics, your first thought might be to just throw it in the dumpster, ultimately ending up in the city landfill. Despite the fact these electronics may no longer work they still have valuable materials inside of them that can be recycled. So once again the added value in this is that it’s helping to divert electronic waste from landfills but also freeing up valuable space in your office environment.

The other element to consider is time. Do you have the time to stand there and manually shred all of your company documents or go through and pull out the recyclable elements of that old computer? Probably not. Our one-stop solution frees up your time to do the important things for your business. And odds are if you are running a business whether its service based or product based, you’re in the same business as us; offering a solution to provide someone more time to work on the things that are important to them. For us shredding and recycling are important, so let us focus on that while you focus on your business.

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Product destruction services help a business during both good and bad times. By effectively destroying products, a product destruction company helps business owners protect the image of their brand. This post walks through different circumstances under which you may need services of a product destruction company.

Product Destruction during Brand Renaissance
Have you ever wondered the most important need of a business when they plan to revamp their whole identity? Changing company logo may seem an easy to execute task, but in real, it requires many efforts. Every appearance of old logo needs destruction. Be it from employee uniforms, remaining marketing materials, products in stock, and every other thing where old logo appears.

In addition, you also need to remove all data from hard drives, product demonstration CDs, or products manuals to decrease the chances of a data breach and a PR nightmare. Hard drive shredding, and complete destruction of old magnetic and optical storage media is required to remove old data securely.

In such cases, one needs total assurance of destruction and a proof for the same so that the brand cannot be maligned by anyone in any case. Only a reputed product destruction company can help businesses achieve this mammoth task by effectively destroying all products with a logo printed on it.

Product Destruction for Reputation Management
If you are a product manufacturer, several times you may have come across situations where you needed a service to destroy your obsolete or recalled products. What did you do at such situations? You cannot have an in-house facility to take care of such rare occasions coming in your business. Product destruction and shredding service providers come to rescue in such conditions and provide you an environment friendly, cost-effective, and timely solution.

Other Circumstances
Product destruction services become mandatory in a few other circumstances too. Here are a few cases where you need product destruction services:
1. For product prototypes that you don’t want to get copied by anyone
2. Stock of discontinued products who are no longer being manufactured
3. Promotional products and expired marketing materials
4. Products with manufacturing defects

Proof of Destruction
Product destruction is highly sensitive task and it is very important to get the proof of product destruction. Established shredding and product destruction companies provide proof of destruction at the end of assignment. They usually offer multiple high quality images/videos of your products before and after destruction. The whole process can be seen live at destruction facility or via secure CCTV camera systems from anywhere in the world using the Internet. In brief, you can get everything to stay assured the task of product destruction was complete properly using the best mechanism.

Sustainability is an important concern during the process of product destruction. Shredding and product destruction companies like SAFESHRED, ensure use of eco-friendly technologies for destruction and they recycle every possible object (like papers, metal etc.), providing least or no harm to the environment.

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If you are a home owner or own a business/organization then you are at risk for having your private information compromised. You need to be aware of who wants your information and understand why document destruction and paper shredding is recommended. Who Wants Your Information?

  • Criminals who commit crimes like identity theft, credit card fraud, and check fraud.
  • Competitors seeking to gain trade secrets like customer lists, marketing plans, and financial information.
  • Investigators who seek to sensationalize, expose, and humiliate organizations.
  • Disgruntled employees who seek to destroy the foundations of the businesses success.

How You Can Protect Your Organization Shredding documents and destroying electronic media effectively removes the myriad of information from being accessed by the wrong people. Shredding Documents is the Law The number of laws requiring businesses to protect personal information has exploded since the introduction of the Federal Privacy Act in 1974. The 1988 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in California vs Greenwood that affirmed the right to “dumpster dive”. was a catalyst to the proliferation of laws which made it a necessity for every individual and business to shred their paper. HIPAA and FACTA have further defined the need to shred documents. The federal laws along with a score of state ones require all private information from employees and customers to be destroyed prior to disposal.

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