Why paper Shredding is Recommended

If you are a home owner or own a business/organization then you are at risk for having your private information compromised. You need to be aware of who wants your information and understand why document destruction and paper shredding is recommended. Who Wants Your Information? Criminals who commit crimes like identity theft, credit card fraud,

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Hard Drive Destruction: 3 Ways to Destroy Data on Your Hard Drive

    Now that your business has a paper shredding program in place to destroy confidential documents and private information, you’re wondering what you should be doing about the private information that still sits on your old computer hard drive. There are three popular ways to destroy information on hard drives that we’ll tell you about

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City of Commerce and Commerce Industrial Council Chamber Visits SAFESHRED

Every Friday the City of Commerce and the Commerce Industrial Council (CIC) conducts their Business Outreach Program by visiting companies whose business will have long-term impact on our local economy and region.   Today, we gave them a tour of SAFESHRED‘s facility and talked about how we do our document shredding, data destruction, and paper recycling.  

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Helping Businesses Be Mindful About Identity Theft in 2013

SAFESHRED empowers businesses to be more diligent about protecting their company and clients’ sensitive information for 2013.  Through cost-effective and substantial means, we endeavor to work closely with businesses to consult and set up a document shredding program that would include free training for companies that would need it. SAFESHRED has a shredding program for every size of business

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The Top 5 Things NOT to Carry in Your Wallet

Our wallets and purses are day-today essentials for life – we carry everything we may possibly need, along with much of what we don’t. We tend to thoughtlessly stuff receipts, bank slips and other bits of information into our wallets and purses until we can sort through them “later,” which may not happen for days,

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5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft When Traveling

Traveling for the holidays? We’re accustomed to traveler worries like pick pocketing and the loss of personal items. But identity theft has potentially far more disastrous consequences than losing cash or jewelry. Before you take off, review this checklist to make sure you’re safe from identity theft while you’re on the road. Don’t pack More Than You

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