Have a Safe and Easy Tax Season

April 15th is fast approaching and you know what that means – tax day! If your business is like most in Los Angeles, you’ve probably been preparing for tax season for awhile. Unfortunately, most identity thieves have been preparing for tax season as well. This is the perfect time of the year for dumpster diving to take place because thieves know how easy it is to misplace and throw out confidential information. After all, you and probably every other company in Los Angeles are buried under mountains of files. It is incredibly easy to lose something or mismanage a document, which ultimately puts your business, employees, and customers at risk.

How do you protect your business during this tax season? Read to learn more:


5 Solutions for a Safe and Easy Tax Season

Turn to Paper Shredding – Paper shredding can be extremely beneficial during tax season because it allows you to become more organized and eliminates unnecessary documents in a safe manner. If you have been thinking of implementing a paper shredding strategy then tax season is the perfect time to start!

Be Prepared – Being prepared for your taxes will save you countless hours and save you a lot of headaches and money. Being prepared starts at the beginning of the year – not a month or two before tax day. It may seem tedious but once you’re in the habit, organizing your files will come naturally.

Use the IRS Website – The IRS website is an amazing resource that is designed to make tax season even easier. Gone are the days of having files mailed to your home or office. You can easily find the files you need, print them off and fill them out. Regardless of what taxes you have to do, the IRS website can provide everything you need:

Stay Organized – We talked about being organized all year but you need to stay organized while you are doing your taxes as well. The best way to maintain organization through this process is by carefully filling out each form one by one. Taking this approach will eliminate the chance of making a mistake or missing a step along the way.

Mistakes Happen – Speaking of mistakes, they do happen and the IRS is reasonable if you make an effort to correct the error. In fact, mistakes are so common that they provide a “help” section on their website and have a telephone number at which they can be reached for such occurrences. If you come across a folder with receipts or bills that you forgot to include after everything has been sent, simply visit their website and find a local office:

Remember, paper shredding is one of the best solutions for staying and keeping business documents organized. Turn to us this tax season and for future shredding needs, for all your document destruction needs.  SAFESHRED is here to help! Contact our Los Angeles location today to learn more!

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