How to Dispose of Old Electronics

There’s no doubt at all that we all have electronics of some manner in our lives. They always come in all shapes and sizes, and have different functions to them. Some people these days still don’t have many, but the number of people with multiple devices that are intertwined into their everyday lives far outweighs those who do not. Inevitably we find ourselves at a point where one or more of those trusty electronics have met their time and will need to be replaced. However many people do not know the best way to dispose of these, especially when it comes to devices with hard drives storing personal files on them.

So how should we dispose of them?

Some Don’ts

Absolutely do not dispose of your electronics in the garbage. This is among the worst options you can take when disposing of electronics, second only to throwing them by the side of the road. Hopefully no explanation as to why you shouldn’t do that is needed. The main reasons for not simply using the garbage are 2 fold.

  1. It fills up the landfills with toxic materials
  2. It is not good sustainable practice

So what exactly do we mean by all of that? Well for one thing, the materials within electronics will leak toxic material as they break down due to exposure to the elements over time. This toxicity finds its way into the air, water, and soil. This of course eventually means it will find its way into our selves, be it through drinking water or the food we eat. By also taking up space in the landfills this will fill them up faster, forcing more to be opened, and further spreading the leakage of toxic material.

Ultimately the best option is to go through the proper procedure and use sustainable practices to ensure the above issues are reduced.

The Do’s

When it’s time, look for a service that specializes in electronic disposal. This could be as simple as you dropping off electronics to an electronic recycling location, or you could reach out directly to a company for service. By doing this you will be preventing the breakdown of materials that leads to toxic elements finding their way into the environment, and preventing the need to open new landfills as a result of electronics filling them up. In addition, a proper service will not only safely dispose of potentially harmful materials; they will recycle the materials back into raw forms to be used in brand new products.

If you are disposing of some manner of data storage, such as a hard drive, phone, or usb stick, then you need to get those items shredded before disposal. Unfortunately data theft is a very real problem in the world today, and a lot of it is caused by the careless disposal of data. By having the items shredded beforehand you will be assuring that any leftover data fragments will be impossible to recover. Afterwards the shredded material will be sent off for recycling with the rest of it.

Getting Proper Disposal

When it’s time for you to dispose of electronics or shred hard drives for that matter, the experts here at SAFESHRED will be able to help you out. Our services will ensure the proper disposal of your electronics, and support sustainability efforts. If you’re interested in a free quote, reach out to us and tell us your needs. We’re happy to work with you to find the best solution.


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