Out With the Old and in with the New

With that holiday spirit in the air and the arrival of the holidays produces the exchange of gifts and feasting on great food with family and friends will soon be here (maybe it already is for some of you). With gift exchanges we sometimes find ourselves being given a new version of an older belonging we might possess. A new phone to replace that aging, ancient 3 year old version, maybe you got a new drill;  perhaps it was a couch. Whatever it is, you’ll probably need to get rid of the old original item because of it. It is important to dispose of these things in the proper way.

Proper Disposal

It’s sadly true that most of us would just take some old stuff to the landfill to get rid of it. It’s usually the first option people think of, and why not, after all it seems the most obvious place to go. The collection of trash items is what these places are for after all. However not everything needs to end up there, in fact not everything should end up there. Piling everything up in landfills causes them to fill up extremely fast, necessitating the need for more to be open, which does not solve the under-laying issues.

Instead what we should do is seek proper disposal procedures of the various products as we need to dispose of them. By doing this we will ensure that everything that can be recycled into new products will end up being so. If there are security concerns with disposing of a product than those are easily taken care of in addition to the recycling. Certified businesses offering this service will also give you a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the job.

If what you are getting rid of is some type of electronic or digital storage device, then it is doubly important to seek proper disposal for these items. For full details on how and why you should do this, check out our article on the topic here.

By taking these steps you’ll not only be taking secure steps for yourself, but you will also be directly contributing to sustainability efforts by keeping the landfills from filling up causing more to be open, to preventing toxic chemicals leaking into the air, water, and soil. If all this sounds good to you then seek out an expert in this area.

SAFESHRED is one such Certified expert, and we are committed to offering secure and sustainable services for all manner of product destruction, paper shredding, and hard destruction needs. Reach out to us today with your needs, and we’ll work with you to find the best solutions.


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