Don’t Let Your Family Suffer from Identity Theft


Maintain Your Security

Identity theft is a lawful crime that has continued to be on the rise over the years. According to news reports, identity theft grew from 2013-2014 by 13% and is on track to beat record-breaking numbers in 2016.

Protecting you and your family from identity theft is a must in today’s society. If your family is hit by identity theft your credit may be left shattered and you will be unable to get loans or good interest rates which could limit your family’s lifestyle.

SAFESHRED has put together a few tips to keep in mind to help protect you and your family against identity theft:

  1. Get your sensitive documents professionally shredded. Any documents that have sensitive information on it such as your bank statements or records should be shredded immediately after viewing. Don’t leave the shredding of documents up to a home shredder. Oftentimes, documents that go through a home paper shredder can be put back together by glue or tape. It’s always best to hire a document shredding service to ensure that your shredded papers end up non-traceable.
  1. Lock up sensitive documents that you want to keep. If you come across sensitive documents that you feel you need to keep, ensure they are locked up securely. Locking up documents such as your social security cards, birth certificates, and passports will help vastly in aiding against identity theft.
  1. Don’t fall prey to online scams. When surfing online, there are many non-secure websites that may be able to access important information on your computer. Ensure you are constantly staying up to date on all firewalls and security features on your computer to combat these threats.
  1. Ensure to check your credit. Using companies such as Equifax twice a year will help you keep an eye on your credit score. If you see anything suspicious going on then you might be able to catch it and deal with it before it hurts your credit even more.

By following these practices, you will help to eliminate some of the known causes of identity theft and hopefully you and your family will never have to go through it. For more information identity theft protections or on how we can assist you, call us at 1 (800) 987 4733.

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