Combating Identity Theft One Shred Day at a Time!

Do you have sensitive documents that require secure shredding? Worried about your privacy? Professional paper shredding services are the most effective and safest way to combat the risks of identity theft and fraud. At SAFESHRED, our Community Shred Day Events provide a simple and fun way to have your information shared directly before you!

Just over a month ago, SAFESHRED and The Maria Del Ray Sheriff’s Department partnered together, hosting what resulted in the most successful Shred Day Event we’ve had the pleasure of doing. It was a full-day event, packed with the arrival of residents from all over Los Angeles.

On April 26th, The Ladera Center parking lot was quite the hot spot in Los Angeles, and what a beautiful spring day it was for a Shred Day! From 8 am-1 pm, approximately 410 vehicles arrived throughout the event to do their part in combating identity theft!  The majority of the day operated much like your typical drive-through experience; quick and efficient. Some residents simply dropped off their sensitive documents, while others preferred to watch as our mobile shred truck destroyed their information. Our shred truck was hard at work throughout the entire day; in fact, we are pleased to share that 34,195 lbs of paper was collected. That’s a whole lot of documents to shred!

The day really couldn’t have gone smoother. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming turnout, and couldn’t be more thankful to witness such support from our community.  Not only is it clear that Los Angeles residents see the value in secure paper shredding services, they are also willing to give back to local charities. All proceeds received were donated to the Special Olympics Campaign, Youth Explorer Program, Youth Athletic League, and various cancer charities.

SAFESHRED wants to send a huge thanks to everyone involved, including those who participated and of course The Maria Del Ray Sheriff’s Department for organizing the event and making it happen!

If you’d like to learn more about Community Shred Day events or are interested in arranging one in Los Angeles, please contact us for information at 1-800-987-4733, or click Organize a Shred Day Event! for further details. Together, we can help make our community a safer place to live!

Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!