Organize a Shred Day Event! 6 Steps for Success



A Shred Day Event is rewarding and fun! Help protect people in your community from identity theft and fraud by organizing an event where people can securely destroy and dispose of sensitive documents. Far too often people keep personal documents longer than needed, or worse toss these documents away in the trash bin. Why not help raise peace of mind while helping people clean out unneeded paperwork!?

Step 1: Determine the size of your event
The first step is deciding whether you prefer to organize a small shred event, or something much larger. This decision will likely stem from how comfortable you are, how many contacts you have in the area, and the amount of time/effort you’re willing to put forth for your shred day event. There is no right or wrong answer here, but if this is your first experience you may wish to start small to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Step 2: Recruit Volunteers
If you plan to organize a small shred event, three to four people may be enough in resources to assist with your event. For a substantial shred event you may wish to recruit closer to 10-15 helping hands. Whether it’s through Phone calls, Email, Facebook, or community bulletin boards in local shops, take advantage of the many communicative outlets available to you to request assistance. Generally friends and family will be more than happy to support you in any way possible, just be sure to give them plenty of notice in advance. Once you have recruited an appropriate team be sure to assign each individual with a particular role; this will maintain organization before, during, and after the event.

Step 3 Search for a reputable shredding company
Be sure that you select a paper shredding company like SAFESHRED that you can count on! A reputable business with positive reviews (whether online or word of mouth) will give you the peace of mind that you’re working with trustworthy professionals. Be sure that the company you choose can in fact provide on-site paper shredding services; this provides additional convenience and security for those participating. Don’t be afraid to ask whether or not a paper shredding company can donate towards your event, or provide you with a discount on services; this is especially the case if your company is organizing the shred day as it’s a great exposure. You may also wish to consider partnering with local banks, radio stations, schools, or grocery stores to assist in funding your shred day.

Step 4: Locating an ideal place to shred
Be sure to select an appropriate spot to hold your shredding event. Make sure it’s large enough to hold your expected crowd, and that it’s easily accessible for both your attendees and the paper shredding company. Keep in mind that there needs to be adequate space for a large mobile shred truck to maneuver through safely. Ideally, you should select a location that’s also recognized widely by your attendees, such as a municipal building, school, or community centre. It would be pretty disappointing preparing a shred day, only to discover that nobody can locate the event itself!

Step 5: Promote your event
Be sure to spread the word! Again, these efforts will be based on how large or small you’d like the event to be. If you’re concerned about turn-out and would like to attract a large crowd, consider calling and/or email local media — radio, TV, newspapers and internet. After all, you are hosting a very valuable service so be confident and have fun with it! Your attitude and enthusiasm will urge the media to help spread the word. Remember to ask your volunteers to help spread the word; post flyers in stores, libraries, laundry mats, and community centers are all perfect for this.

Step 6: Get Shredding!
The day has arrived and it’s time to carry out your shred event! Be sure to arrive at least an hour before the event to ensure everything is in place. Place signs around the given area so it’s easy for everyone to find. Arrive an hour before the event; use this time to post signs outside the building so everyone can find it. It’s a nice gesture to provide snacks, drinks, cutlery, paper plates and cups to those attending the event, including the employees of the paper shredding company. Keep the event organized and the line moving; be sure that you have assigned someone to take pictures that day. Other than that, leave it to your professional shredding company to handle the rest!

SAFESHRED in Los Angeles, California will happily partner with you to organize a shred event in your community! Contact us today for our current shred day promotions. Call 1-800-987-4733!

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