Why You Should Consider Professional Paper Shredding in Los Angeles

According to the Better Business Bureau, the majority of identity theft cases still take place through traditional means, instead of electronic means.  What’s the best defense mechanism for protecting yourself from falling victim? Turning to secure and reliable paper shredding services. It’s critical for businesses in Los Angeles to implement strategies in their daily work routine that help to maintain the security of all sensitive documents.  Identity theft cases are on the rise, but the positive news is that with simple considerations this crime is entirely preventable. So where does paper shredding come into play? Your old and current business documents are flooded with private information surrounding employees, competition, customers, marketing plans and more. These papers require thorough shredding prior to disposal to ensure information is in fact irrecoverable. If tossed away in a garbage or recycling bin, you are ultimately putting your company at risk to unauthorized exposure. Currently using an office shredder to shred old documents?  Take it one step further by turning to professionals such as SAFESHRED,who will offer paper shredding services you can trust in. Consider ditching the office shredder for professional paper shredding services. Here’s why:

  • Security:SAFESHRED will provide you with collection containers that are lockable, ensuring documents are secured in one location, prior to the shredding process. These may be placed throughout your office in high-traffic areas where paper disposal is at its highest. When employees use your office shredder to destroy information, security is at a minimal as often papers are left lying on a desk or forgotten about entirely.
  • Uncertified Paper Shredding:  If your business experiences an audit, it may be discovered that your document management procedures fail to meet California privacy laws. Certified paper shredding can only be conducted by industry professionals like SAFESHRED.  Our team will present you with documented evidence that your information has been securely destroyed, and completed in accordance with regulations outlined under HIPAA, FACTA and more.  A Certificate of Destruction is written documentation that clearly indicates your business has followed the necessary steps needed for safeguarding information. Why not seek the best protection available to you, and outsource your paper shredding for credible certification? It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Cost: Unfortunately when you shred with an office paper shredder, you run into more costs than intended. These machines wear quickly and require maintenance, (not to mention employee time). When you consider all expenses involved in operating one, turning to a professional company will actually save you time and hassle in the end. SAFESHRED provides savings that are intangible; your staff can use their time more productively, completing the job duties they were hired to perform.
  • Employee Risk: Sure, you want to believe that your employees are 100% trustworthy, and in most cases they are. However, they do not receive the same background checks that employees of a shredding company receive. Employee fraud does exist, so tasking an employee to handle your document shredding needs could be a prospective liability for your business. SAFESHRED employees undergo a criminal record check and receive a comprehensive background check prior to hiring. Our team consists of skilled and qualified professionals who realize the importance of safe and secure shredding practices.

Remember that at the end of the day information surrounding your customers, clients and staff needs to remain protected. After all, they are willingly putting their personal information in your hands. The easiest and most reliable solution? Hire a trusted shredding company such as SAFESHRED in Los Angeles. Contact us today at 1-800-987-4733!

Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!