Focus on Improving Your Document Management in 2017

Have you noticed that your Los Angeles business is still being faced with significant paperwork pile-up? Whether it’s beginning to consume desks, overflow from cabinets, or is taking up considerable space at your printing station, this New Year, it may be the perfect time to revisit what you currently have in place for document management. Are you doing everything you can to ensure day-to-day productivity and efficiency levels are where they should be?

Effective document management solutions that include secure shredding and document storage, will work together to improve office productivity dramatically. This assistance will allow your business to accomplish new goals in 2017 with greater ease. Mess and clutter can create an instant distraction which will ultimately get in the way of your business focus. Below are a few simple tips for the New Year provided by the team at SAFESHRED. Make 2017 a safe and secure year!


Increased Security

If your old business records are being stored internally and aren’t required on a regular basis, you may be leaving your sensitive information vulnerable. Records kept in desks and filing cabinets may be prone to potential loss, damage and in some cases, theft. With a disaster recovery plan or secure backup storage method, business information could be prone to these risks easier than you think. Data breach is just one consequence associated with these alarming risks. The good news? With a detailed and professional, document management program in place, your sensitive information remains secure without question. This sense of security will allow your business to better adhere to privacy regulations, guaranteeing full compliance.

Improved Office Efficiency

When effective document management solutions are executed, your employees no longer have to spend valuable working hours searching for specific records. Your documents can be converted into an electronic format where important files are in one centralized, easy to retrieve location. This convenience also allows you to share and receive data at a much faster rate. With the help of proper document management services, you will benefit from streamlining your day-to-day business duties, providing your employees with a greater flexibility to focus on more relevant tasks for your business. With added time available to your staff, you’ll quickly notice that your employees will work more effectively.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Remember that a quality document management program will provide you with that competitive edge in the marketplace you need to stay ahead. Document management reduces inefficiencies, stops security breaches and allows for easy file collaboration. Moreover, good document management is ideal for great customer service. When important documents are readily available and obtainable to customer service agents and sales professionals, time is used properly – keeping current clients satisfied and bringing in new clients.

Increase Your Bottom Line

With professional document management, you will reduce and even eliminate costly human errors, which are often the largest factors in the occurrence of a data breach. When you’re successful with your internal document management, you can redirect this newfound time and money back into your business. Your bottom line will improve, allowing you to take your business to new levels.

At SAFESHRED Los Angeles, we’ll help you in customizing an effective document management program that includes ongoing document shredding solutions, to ensure your sensitive information is thoroughly protected even after it has reached the end of its lifecycle. You can depend on our team to look after your records with special care; our industry leading shredding services guarantee your privacy and confidentiality.

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