Hard Drive Destruction Protects Your Customers’ Privacy

For a criminal, a hard drive is a particularly valuable item. The information people store on their hard drives can make them vulnerable to identity theft and can be accessed as an idle curiosity or as part of a full-fledged fraud scheme. Owning a business means you are responsible for protecting your customers’ information.

Just one breach of identity can have broad effects on people’s lives in ways they may not even have anticipated. People often get themselves into trouble by assuming that wiping a hard drive will do the trick. When a hard drive is destroyed properly, you’re assured that all the data on that drive is destroyed permanently.

Hard Drive Destruction Prevents Identity Theft

The law requires businesses to offer reasonable protection from identity theft to their customers. In order to ensure virtual data remains secure, more companies are investing in cybersecurity. A lot of measures are available to business owners to keep customers safe, from encryption to firewalls. Nevertheless, even if their networking is fully functional, there are still important issues like disposing of old devices.

When deciding what to do with old hard drives, it’s essential that you have a solid protocol in place. The use of magnets, microwaves, acid baths, and hammers, for example, are not very effective and definitely not recommended for destruction. Even if working with acid destroys a hard drive, it is not without the risk of harming you as well.

Hard Drive Destruction Solutions

Credit card numbers and routing numbers are encrypted with passwords to avoid unauthorized access. Hard drive destruction services will also prevent people from discovering personal information. The act of deleting your hard drive is not enough, especially when working with an outdated device that has been adapted by criminals for years. Even confidential documents and proprietary information could be easily retrieved if the proper hard drive disposal policy is not in place.

Having passwords stored on the computer can be disastrous when people use the same passwords for other accounts. The protection of customer data goes beyond legal compliance. Your reputation is also at risk if you don’t do this.

Reach Out to SAFESHRED

Whether it’s your data or that of your customers, SAFESHRED can help you. Our team will answer all your questions and give you all the information upfront about the cost of hard drive destruction and how we work with your devices.

The service we provide ensures that all data is destroyed, so the only thing you will have left is a Certificate of Destruction that an auditor or compliance investigator can see if necessary.

Safeguarding your customers requires a multifaceted approach. If you plan on installing security cameras to monitor your building at night, then you should consider utilizing professional hard drive destruction as another form of protection.

With the right hard drive destruction services in place, your customers can rest easy knowing that their data is protected.

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