Protect Your Brand with Product Destruction

If you have old promotional product, product that has been recalled or merchandise that no longer meets company regulations, product destruction is a safe and secure means of discarding material and does so in an environmentally friendly manner.

When would a company be faced with a situation where product disposal is necessary? While this will vary among industries, usually a business will turn to product destruction services if they are faced with a defective product, one containing high lead content, or if material is simply deemed unsafe for the consumer.

Tossing unwanted or damaged product into the trash may seem like a viable answer; however, disposing of product in this manner does nothing to protect your company’s reputation and brand; which should always be of utmost importance. As a business, you are dedicated and work hard to maintain a certain image, and therefore product mishaps can really damage a brand’s identity, if dealt with improperly.  Product Destruction by a professional Document and Product Destruction company is the only secure answer that guarantees your company is protected by any potential liabilities.

When you choose to have your products destroyed by a professional shredding company, you are protected in the following ways:

  1. Financial protection, with secure shredding of credit cards
  2. Public safety, with defective products or pharmaceuticals that have passed their use-by date
  1. Brand, Investor & Copyright protection
  1. Material is recycled wherever possible
  2. A Certificate of Destruction is presented to you upon product destruction
  3. A full audit trail is available for your security

Your company’s integrity, reputation and success may be affected by the secure destruction of your product.

SAFESHRED based out of California, is your number one resource for secured, compliant disposal of any product, in any quantity, servicing the entire U.S. We’ve been supplying product destruction services for over 10 years, and are able to pick up your products for destruction purpose, or you may drop them off at our secure, facility in Commerce, California.

Call 1-800-987-4733 for pricing and more information in regards to our product destruction services.


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