The Significance of Paper Shredding in the Legal Industry

Regardless of your profession, as a business owner you are accountable when it comes to ensuring your staff and customers’ private information is kept private. Maintaining the security of confidential material is especially important for the legal industry. Lawyers generate and are supplied with, a vast amount of personal documents that require proper safeguarding at all times.

All legal institutions in the United States should be following day to day procedures that act in accordance with The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). Unfortunately too often processes are missed or performed incorrectly, and as a result lawyers wind up paying for it with what could be, significant repercussions. These can not only be costly financially, they can cause negative attention which may reflect your reputation as a credible law firm. Don’t let a preventable situation damage your reputation.

What’s the first step in preventing such an incident? Remember to keep all files locked away when not in use, and implement a shredding program for your law office.

On a daily basis, legal businesses deal with a number of comprehensive cases that involve researching and recording private information.  The investigation that’s necessary for each client produces an abundance of information to manage. When a case closes and documents have become outdated, a paper shredding program is crucial for protecting your law firm.

A paper shredding program will keep your office clean and organized, and ensures you remain compliant with state laws. SAFESHRED understands the value in keeping legal documents secure and safe. We have the professional expertise to protect your law firm and clients, from the risks associated with security breaches and identity theft.

Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!