Turning a Shredding Problem into a Recycling Solution

One of the things we pride ourselves in at SAFESHRED is finding sustainable solutions for our product destruction service. We don’t just focus on processing materials; we proactively look for new ways to keep destroyed products from going to landfills.

Earlier this year, First Step Fitness contacted us with a very interesting challenge.   They needed 1,000 lbs. of shredded clothing to fill muay thai bags for their new fitness classes.  Their initial attempt to shred 500 lbs. of clothing with scissors took up too much time, and ended up causing sore hands – so they came to us for a solution.  The timing was impeccable, since another client needed to have 500 lbs. of apparel shredded as well. By recycling materials for use in a different operation, we were able to keep those items from going to the landfill. We love finding creative ways to recycle discarded products!

Thank you First Step Fitness for being a part of our green efforts!


Don’t Just Shred. SAFESHRED!