The Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Millions of Americans have been affected by identity theft. In 2019 alone, the Federal Trade Commission processed 3 million fraud reports, with the most common categories of fraud including imposter scams, debt collection, and identity theft. Within identity theft claims, credit card fraud was most prevalent. Over 167,000 people reported that a fraudulent credit card

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4 Questions To Ask Your Shredding Company

Choosing the right shredding company is difficult. There’s an abundance of shredding companies out there to choose from that offer various options. You may be new to the concept of shredding your documents, but choosing a shredding provider is not something you should take lightly. Shredding companies are your best defense against data breaches and

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How Proper Document Destruction Benefits The Environment

There’s no question that recycling benefits the environment. And it’s so commonplace these days that you probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. You throw your soda can in the recycling bin and don’t think much about it. But, every recycled item we put in its proper place helps the environment. Without recycling, 200 million

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6 Ways To Prevent Cyber Attacks While Working From Home

These days, most of us are working from home. For some, this is an everyday luxury, but for others, this is brand new territory. Cyber attacks happen often, especially with most of us conducting our business and financial matters online. Taking steps to be safe online will help you in the long run, especially if

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Residential Shredding During Times of Self-Isolation

If you have the capability to do so, working from home is great. You have ample flexibility in terms of how and where you work, you can wear what you wish, and there is essentially no commute time (other than the walk from your bedroom to your office or the kitchen!).  On the flip side

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Why Your Business Needs On-Site Document Destruction

We’re counting down the days until spring! Spring is a time of change and to clear out the clutter that has piled up around your home or the office. If you find that papers are beginning to pile up around the office, on-site document destruction is a way to eliminate some of the clutter while

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